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Mr. Xi’s little ancestor ran away after overturning

Mr. Xi’s little ancestor ran away after overturning
Other names: 席先生的小祖宗翻车后跑了
Author: Nine parties in July
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The escaped Wen Qian met Xi Chengan by accident!

“My lady decides to pester you from now on! Someday on a whim, she will marry you as a legal wife, and the weather will die for you!”

She secretly vowed to chase this man!

“Xi Chengan, I like you! I want to marry you!”

“…” Xi Chengan expressed a headache.

Later, Wen Qian concentrated on his career and became the goddess of charm and unique style among the huge fan base!

“Miss Wen, someone who broke the news said that you had pursued a man before?”

Facing countless shots, Wen Qian smiled and replied, “Sorry, I don’t remember what you said.”

Xi Chengan was panicked…


1 I’ll haunt you after I decide!
2 Pick up your little girlfriend!
3 Don’t let you become a black-hearted landlord
4 I seem to be being chased
5 To her brother who is fond and gentle to her
6 It’s your turn to apologize to me!
7 How do I know if I don’t try?
8 Probably the president’s little enemy
9 If it is related to me
10 You better help me up!
11 I really want to strangle this stinky girl!
12 I can’t marry you!
13 Xi Chengan, you actually investigated me!
14 Not a gentleman’s move!
15 He himself knows how flustered!
16 You are not what I want!
17 He has to marry anyway
18 What about the woman suddenly coming back?
19 It’s really the opposite!
20 I saw the long-lost face
21 I have me now, so I can’t miss the old days!
22 You forgive me, okay?
23 Because there is more of you!
24 Bargains, you want?
25 Your heartbeat is so fast~
26 You are out!
27 Not as good as me!
28 Is he shameless?
29 I was forced…
30 Let’s get to know
31 He will not fall in love with you!
32 The kind of bad coax!
33 Which genius did you offend?
34 The least principled thing
35 Never!
36 A man who knows how to cook is so handsome!
37 You send me red roses? !
38 We are best friends!
39 I’m so mad at her!
40 I’ll kick away as soon as possible!
41 I cried out all the grievances
42 I won’t do anything to you
43 I want to divorce!
44 Can only bear the end!
45 I don’t want to see you hurt
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