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The concubine of the chaotic king’s heart is shocking

The concubine of the chaotic king’s heart is shocking
Other names: 乱君心之妾本惊华
Author: Please call me supreme
Genre: Novel, Ancient Romance, Crossing the Wonders
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


She, Yue Qi crossed to the Overhead Warring States period and became the side concubine of the Fourth Prince. And the day she crossed over was the day the original owner gave birth.

He, Xiao Zhan, the four kings of the Warring States Period. Because of his martial arts, he was not liked by the emperor because of his background.

In order to be able to take her son away, she had to form an alliance with him. She thought he had feelings for her. Unexpectedly, he, for the sake of great cause, let her fall off the cliff…


Chapter 1 Childbirth
Chapter 2 Confession
Chapter 3 Full Moon
Chapter 4 Investigation
Chapter 5 Three Years
Chapter 6 Return
Chapter Seven Celebration (Part 1)
Chapter 8 Celebration (Part 2)
Chapter 9 Announcement
Chapter 10 Doubts
Chapter 11 Enable
Chapter 12 Dreams
Chapter 13 Test
Chapter 14 Family Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 15 Family Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 16 Teach You
Chapter 17 Changes
Chapter 18 Little Maid
Chapter 19 Assassination
Chapter 20 Change
Chapter 21 Correction
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