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“Doctor and Special Police” Ma Sichun and Bai Jingting’s in “You are my hero” will look good?

“You are my city camp” is called the Chinese version of “Descendants of the Sun ” due to its special theme of “Doctor and Special Police “.

It’s a pity that Song Hye Kyo and Song Zhongji, who were sought after by thousands of people, have long since divorced, and the CP feelings of Ma Sichun and Bai Jingting in “You Are My City Fortress” are also slightly different.

Judging from the current broadcast situation, “You are my city camp” is indeed difficult to achieve the super high reputation of “Descendants of the Sun”.

“You are my hero” is adapted from the best-selling author Mu Qingyu’s military romance masterpiece of the same name , and it is also a rare TV drama theme in recent years.

However, this “doctor + special police” urban romance drama did not seem to attract the attention of the audience, and the specific character identities and special rescue plots also failed to shine.

Even, the love story between Ma Sichun and Bai Jingting in the play is not as exciting as the male and female counterparts before calling and making them more lovable.

The love story between the doctor and the special police

In the play, Ma Sichun plays Mika, a doctor who has just stepped onto the job, and Bai Jingting plays Xing Kelei, a special police officer with a magnificent record in the special police field.

The first meeting between the two was quite dramatic. Mika bought gifts for her mother but was trapped in a robbed gold shop.

At the scene of the robbery, a hostage suddenly relapsed. Mika stepped forward to rescue him as a doctor, but was targeted by the robbers and placed a bomb in Mika’s hands. Xing Kelei, who came to rescue the hostages, helped Mika out of danger in an emergency. Since then, it is hard to forget the half-faced special policeman in Mika’s heart.

Although the encounter between the two is very dramatic, it is actually quite old-fashioned in detail. For example, a female protagonist falls into the arms of the male protagonist without standing firm, and the female is up and down, the eyes are facing each other, and each other is in love.

In addition, Mika trained as a new doctor in the SWAT team, but he could no longer recognize Xing Kelei who had taken off his mask. Xing Kele recognized Mika at a glance and fell in love with this carefree girl.

Mika didn’t know that Xing Kelei was the special police who had rescued him, so he always kept his friends’ distance from Xing Kelei. After the training at the base, Xing Kelei began to pursue Mika, giving gifts, eating dinner, and sending home. All kinds of tricks went into battle, but Mika always reacted stupidly.

To be honest, this kind of silly elder sister’s reaction is really similar to Ma Sichun’s reaction in major variety shows in recent years. After the “Double Yellow Egg Shadow Queen”, Zhou Dongyu spread his wings and soared, but Ma Sichun felt a little back to his original shape. Ma Sichun, who could not bear the weight of the crown, began to consume himself in major variety shows.

The love scene between the two women and two men, the reporter Xiao Xia and the special police Shu Wenbo in this drama, is really so good!

In the play, reporter Xiaoxia came to the SWAT team to shoot material, and Shu Wenbo was in charge of receiving Xiaoxia. Unexpectedly, the clumsy Shu Wenbo broke Xiaoxia’s cosmetics as soon as they met Xiaoxia.

The steel straight man wunport bought a new “desert rose” for Xiaoxia. Since then, the lively and bluffing Xiaoxia fell in love with the stupid and silly steel straight man Shu Wenbo, starting a love story of a woman chasing a man.

Xiaoxia returned gifts to Shu Wenbo, put on his clothes, took care of his mother, and personally came to cook for him in order to get Shu Wenbo to be his girlfriend.

But, Shu Wenbo, a straight steel man, is not so easy to handle. He doesn’t like the way Xiao Xia usually bluffs, so he always refuses Xiao Xia’s good.

In the end, the enthusiastic Xiaoxia can touch the straight man Shu Wenbo, this line of love is still worth chasing after.

Since “You Are My Hero” is the theme of “Doctor + Special Police”, there are indispensable plots related to the execution of tasks for two special professions.

In the play, in addition to the two love lines of Mika, Xing Kelei and Xiao Xia Shuwenbo, the thrilling scenes of Xing Kelei performing special police missions and the plot of Mika rescuing patients are interspersed in the love story.

However, the plots in the professional fields of doctors and special police officers appear to be unprofessional and unthrilling . They are all episodes that embellish the love story.

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