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“Douluo Dalu 2” is about to start shooting, the heroine will be replaced by the old partner of Xiao Zhan

Recently, “Douluo Dalu” starring Xiao Zhan is still very popular. The role of Tang San in “Douluo Dalu” is also very suitable for him. It attracted a large number of audience fans shortly after the broadcast. As a classic IP masterpiece, although the difference between the animated version and the theater version is obvious, the TV series “Douluo Dalu” can achieve such good results, Xiao Zhan is really indispensable.

According to the performance of Douluo’s first season, it can be seen that the second season of Douluo is about to start filming. It is said that the screenwriter has already written the script for the second season. In the mid-season, he played the protagonist vividly and was recognized by the Third Young Master of the Tang Family. It can be seen that Xiao Zhan’s performance is still very good, and many people are directed at him, so the director will not consider replacing him.

And the heroine Wu Xuanyi may be replaced, because she was originally an idol group debut, did not have much acting experience, performance in the play, let many netizens feel disappointed, have complained that her performance is very different from the original.

According to the news, the most watched heroine candidate is Zhao Lusi. She has participated in a series of costume online dramas, leaving netizens with a cute, quirky image, and she can also support various animation modeling and acting. Xiao Wu should be more appropriate!

Although the heroine may change, some netizens are a little disappointed, but fortunately, Xiao Zhan will continue to play Tang San, and Zhao Lusi and Xiao Zhan have cooperated before, and they are already old partners. I believe they will create a different spark. Are you looking forward to “Douluo Dalu 2”!

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