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Rebirth Queen’s vest is everywhere

Rebirth Queen’s vest is everywhere
Other names: 重生之皇后马甲遍地, The rebirth queen’s vest is everywhere
Author: Nanan
Genre: Novel, Rebirth
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The wealth of the Shen family can shake the country, and Shen Yuan, the daughter of the Shen family who is beloved by her family, has been loved for a while, attracting Zhongshan wolves and destroying the family! The resentment was heavily selected by the system. After a thousand missions, Shen Yuan was reborn as a scumbag niece three years later? ! Shen Yuan’s eyebrows are fierce, she must make the scumbag regent to die!

Unexpectedly, there are many enemies of the Regent. Shen Yuan looked at the handsome man in front of him with indifferent eyebrows, his eyebrows moved slightly. , Secretly allied with his subordinates and formed an alliance with Shen Yuan. It’s just… When the regent died, a starry young man in armor looked at her sincerely, with a gentle affection in his eyes. Shen Yuan sighed up to the sky, “It’s still a mistake of beauty after all.


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