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Is there a second part of “Hello An Yi” in Human Drama?

“Hello Anyi” has come to an end, but everyone is at a loss. It seems that no problems have been solved during the whole show. In the ending, Sijia stole the key to life, and the mysterious man successfully repaired Wen Haokang and wanted to open the singularity. Is there a second part?

Who killed Dr. Li Jianwei? Why did Sijia steal the key of life? How did Jiang Li and Wen Haokang escape from the explosives that could blow up a building? Who is that man in black?

First of all, about Li Jianwei’s death, in fact, the person who killed Li Jianwei knew and knew well with him, and had been to the lakeside cottage before. The main purpose of this man was to ask Li Jianwei for something, but Li Jianwei was killed without agreeing. So I guessed Ye Kun at the beginning, and then I thought it was Professor Cheng. I didn’t expect Professor Cheng to think carefully, but it was not too bad, and it was successfully whitewashed in the end.

The man in black repaired Wen Haokang and wanted to open the singularity. It should be the foreign man behind the trade with Wen Haokang. Wouldn’t he also be a conscious man? If Wen Haokang was repaired by a man in black, what about Jiang Li? Is it possible that Wen Haokang was reluctant at the last moment and was able to escape after pushing away?

That being the case, Jiang Li, who did not hesitate to change Wen Haokang’s electronic brain to Li Yao ten years ago, finally knew that he was guilty, and then didn’t want Wen Haokang to die in front of him again, so he collected Wen Haokang’s remains and found the man in black in time. , It’s her.

This can also explain why Jiang Li would go to London in the last scene and did not contact Li Yao. Perhaps it was Jiang Li who felt that Li Yao was safe enough to be accompanied by other family members, and it was Wen Haokang who needed her to save now.

But homesick, who stole the key of life and left without saying goodbye, really couldn’t figure out why she did it. The few conscious core robots made by Li Jianwei, except that Jiang Li is perfect, have more or less flaws. The flaw of homesickness is impulse and willful recklessness.

Whether she stubbornly wants more conscious core machines to appear, so as to get along with humans on an equal footing, or is moved by Cheng Feng’s express delivery, it is a very dangerous thing that the key to life is in her hands.

In fact, the conscious core machine people can be regarded as a higher civilization than human beings. They not only have all the advantages of human beings, but also have excellent physical fitness. They do not need to rest or eat. If there are no accidents, it can even achieve the immortality that mankind dreams of. After opening the singularity, the emergence of more conscious core robots is definitely not a good thing for human beings, they are too easy to be controlled.

Jiang Li said that Xinji people can never be better than humans. The point is not that humans will judge gains and losses with emotions at critical moments, but that every human being is an independent subject.

In the final analysis, the conscious core machine is still a tool man, who can be controlled at any time, and his personality can be rewritten at any time. For example, Jiang Li was caught at the beginning of the plot and turned into An Yi, almost ruining the relationship between Qiao and his wife. Later, he was controlled by Wen Haokang and was ordered to attack Li Yao.

At the end of the plot, if Wen Haokang succeeds in uploading and controlling the virus, these agile core robots will probably become a nightmare for mankind. Also, once humans fall in love with the Xinji people, it means that humans will have fewer and fewer children. In the end, perhaps humans will become precious pets raised by Xinji people.

As for Li Yao, who is half-man and half-machine, the pony who accompanies him when he comes on stage, and only the pony at the end. Jiang Li has Wen Haokang, Homesick has been in love with Cheng Feng anyway, Xiaolan and Ye Kun have human partners who love each other. Li Yao only has a pony, and he didn’t even have a chance to talk about love from beginning to end. This actor is really miserable, and at the end, he has to take his younger brother on the road to find his family again.

The ending seems to be back to the original point. There is no ending to Mysterious Man and Singularity. It seems that there is the rhythm of the second part. The specific information depends on the drama party.

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