What is the adaptation of “Spring Boudoir Dreams”?

“Spring Girl Dreams (春闺梦里人)” is adapted from Bailu Chengshuang’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a genius girl, Ji Man, who lost her memory unexpectedly, and instead of her twin sister, she was trapped in the Hou Mansion. With her extraordinary business talent, she resolved many crises and finally won the title of Lord Hou Ning Yuxuan The story of a single pet.

“Spring Boudoir Dream Liren” is a double work by the author Bailu. It was first published on Ruochu Literature. The exclusive contract has been completed. The novel uses modern women’s thinking and wisdom to fight against the juniors, to be a man, to be self-reliant and self-reliant. The screenplay of the second girl became the heroine, and finally the career and love had a good harvest.

Brief Introduction:
“I’m not reconciled, not reconciled! Even if I’m a ghost, I will curse you all generations, the flounder is scattered, the round mirror is broken, and the mandarin ducks fly separately!”

Ji Man was originally a modern, strong and independent working woman. By coincidence, he entered the novel because of a dream, and unfortunately became the vicious female Er Nie Sangyu whom everyone disliked in the book. Start again on her behalf and walk through the storyline again. I only wanted to hold Nie Sangyu’s body and change the end of her death for her, but she was involved in the blood and blood of the backyard house fight and the throne.

The male protagonist hates her, and the female protagonist despises her. Even the maid of the house dared to bully her, and was taken away from her husband as soon as she left. The daughter of the Hou Mansion, who was originally married with a red makeup and Ming matchmaker, became a humble and humble concubine. How to calculate this account? In the palace, the concubines intrigue and fight each other, and the princes in the court do their best.

The royal grievances are inexhaustible, and no one stays in the backyard fighting. She is a female second who is destined to have no good end. How can she reverse her fate? See how she starts the modern gold finger, embarks on a gorgeous counterattack journey, rebirth from Nirvana, and rises again!

Character Introduction
Ji Man: A professional white-collar worker in the 21st century, tired of fighting for a house, read a dog-blood novel in his spare time, and he became the worst female partner in the book.

Nie Sangyu: The symbol of beauty, red lips and white teeth, a shallow mole on the eyebrows, and a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes hide the viciousness. This looks unpleasant at first sight. Before becoming Ji Man, he was a spoiled, emotionally intelligent master, crying and making troubles, and the feeling of fighting among women was exposed by the male protagonist. Originally the husband’s wife, she finally got the lowest rank of concubine.

Ning Yuxuan (Mo Yuhou): The people on Mo are like jade, and the son is unparalleled in the world. With a handsome face, a knife-like outline, a pair of peachy eyes, and a serious face, it is simply the seduction male protagonist of the modern ascetic system.

Drama plot
Ji Man, who grew up in Fanfang since childhood, aspires to become a businesswoman. With the announcement of Ji Man’s life experience, she became Ning Yuxuan’s wife by accident. In Fuzhong, Ji Man painstakingly developed rouge powder and opened a rouge gouache shop with the shopkeeper Shui Niangzi. With constant crises due to business competition, Ji Man used his extraordinary talent and wisdom to tide over the difficulties. This made the Fuzhong admirable and his relationship with Ning Yuxuan gradually heated up.

At the same time, the old lady of Ning’s house assisted Ji Man to open branch shops, and the gouache business reached a peak again. When assisting Ning Yuxuan in the relief of the victims, Ji Man was rewarded by the court, and established trade relations with friendly countries. However, the good times didn’t last long, and Ji Man was assassinated and faced his life threatening. He was rescued by Ning Yuxuan and fled to the Western Regions.

I accidentally met Ning Siwei. With the help of Ning Siwei, Ji Man was able to return to Beijing. After many hardships, Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan took off their gorgeous clothes and makeup. They are no longer wealthy businessmen in Beijing, but a pair of ordinary couples, living a simple and free life.