You can eat but don’t let you worry about the latest chapter list

You can eat but don’t let you worry about the latest chapter list
Other names: 可以吃但不许你惦记最新章节列表
Author: Nan Jia
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: 121 Ongoing


Nan Heqian and E Yu meet in a “three-person” game. At first, Nan Heqian looked very uncomfortable with E Yu, but he lost to the other party again, and gradually felt strange feelings in his heart. After some pursuits, the two began to go out and out of family and friends like lovers. The strange performance of E Yu’s family and friends made Nan Heqian suspicious, as if the whole world was “matching” their gay men.

Pushing aside the heavy fog, Nan Heqian discovered that E Yu was hiding an “unspeakable secret”. Just when he was determined to break through the prejudice and accept the boy like a rose. Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway. He was mixed up by his half-brothers. His heterosexual brother fell in love with his brother’s lover and tried to fight with him by any means. The hatred between the brothers left over from their parents’ generation is looming. And E Yu’s family is also full of defects. The abandonment of his father, the sensitivity of his mother, the harassment of adult male elders, and the confusion of his own gender orientation made his life inverted and out of control.

The two hearts rushing in both directions still have to encounter ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, break through the world, and finally cultivate a righteous result and become a mortal couple.


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