The black-bellied major general’s hot wife

The black-bellied major general’s hot wife
Other names: 腹黑少將的火辣嬌妻
Author: Little Master (小主子)
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


She was pushed into the fire pit by the enemy, and she, who was intriguing/medicine, was forced to beat the brother of the enemy. What is it? She stubbornly bowed to his overlord, but forgot about him afterwards. She only planned to be a one-night stand. Is it that simple? Ye Yajun, you are the only one who dared to pay me a prostitute in Severe Cold.   

He is a black-bellied major general, and she is a hot police schoolboy. Goodbye, she hit the woman next to him in front of him, and he watched her leave arrogantly.

When we met for the second time, she forced him to the corner, staring at him who was enticing in front of her with her slightly drowsy eyes. She hooked her hands and kissed him. When we met for the third time, she was forced to the corner. He happened to pass by and watched those people move to her.