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The princess is fierce

The princess is fierce
Other names: 戏精王妃很凶猛
Author: Qing Wan
Genre: Novel, History
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The painstakingly and laborious Chi Dong finally climbed to the award ceremony of the queen, but was stunned! I opened my eyes again, and a bunch of people knelt down in front of him. Chi Dong: “This…is this a new play?” Everyone: “The sick rice seedlings are alive?” For a while, Chi Dong suddenly understood that God gave him a chance to live anew, and watched a generation of actresses pretend to be white lotus! Play a small three! Kick the corrupt official!

Everyone: “The majesty of the empress!” Chi Dong Yaowu eradicated all the troubles one by one, preparing to live a smooth life with peace of mind, but he did not know that he had been put on the tip of his heart by the prince. The days of fighting wits and courage with a generation of Tianjiao Qi Shaoke kicked off. Chi Dong resented his hips: “I’m also a queen anyway, I can’t hold this stinky man!” Qi Shaoke twitched his mouth: “I see when you will act.”


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