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Cinderella – 신데렐랑郞

The day when an exotic ship drifted and reached Joseon ,

Youngon Ongju without even seeing Buma’s face

I became a blue widow .

And five years later … … .

Conor Eile, who settled in exile after that day,

There is a rumor that he yearns for Youngon

It spread to the bottom of the Joseon Dynasty .

‘ My Princess Youngon !’

‘ How can I not know that .’

Kneeling in an unexpected place ,

Greetings with blue eyes ,

An exotic man who shows sadness in his face when he turns around .

Youngon tried hard to ignore him,

“ But why did you sit down ?”

“ Sorry , Ongju Mama has improved .”

I couldn’t even ignore the heart beating towards him .

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