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Coaxing Wife as Ever

Coaxing Wife as Ever
Other names: 哄妻如初
Author: Jin Jing
Genre: Romance Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Men love to be jealous, as long as she acted like a baby, the eyes would smile; a woman’s profanity, as long as he cajoled, the anger disappeared.

The wrong thing Sun Yiai regrets most in his life is drunk sex. The most regrettable thing is being caught and raped in bed. It won’t work if she wants to kill her or not admit her account. The most regrettable thing is that she is stupid. Must be married to Ming Jing.

When he was obviously forced to marry, he cynically said that after marriage, she can play
whatever she likes. He doesn’t care about her. She wants to divorce. He can sign at any time and let her be free. After getting married, Ming Jing, the big pervert, tossed her every night so that she couldn’t get out of bed, and he managed to be wider than the seashore, so he didn’t care about her and made it clear that she was cheating! The most right thing Ming Jing did in her life was to turn Sun Yiai into bed.

Coax her to marry by means, and from then on put her to bed and tidy up.
She doesn’t want children, it doesn’t matter, but what can she do if she doesn’t want his children?
In a rage, the bed was cleaned up harder, teaching her to cry for mercy, and it was hard to climb out of the bed.


Chapter 1 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)
Chapter 2 – 3 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)
Chapter 4 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)
Chapter 5 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)
Chapter 6 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)
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