Energy conservation Some things change but never die.

If the reader had studied physics in his high school days. Should have heard the sentence “Energy is something that cannot be regenerated and cannot be lost or destroyed,” which is a phrase we will hear from our lessons on work and energy. But today we will bring you to understand that Why energy cannot be regenerated, despite the fact that we are generating electricity every day. And why energy can not be lost or destroyed, even though we use our smartphones until the battery runs out every day. But before we get to the law of conservation of energy. We must first get to know the basic energy.

What is energy? How many types ?

Energy is the ability that an object It can work [Work = Force (Newton) x Distance (m)] when it is working. It will inevitably have energy. Is the same as people If one person can work, it is assumed to have energy. The more you work, the more energy you have. Or another comparison is Automotive fuels (eg diesel, petrol, E20, E85, Gasohol 91 and 95). It will have to rely on the explosion. (Combustion or combustion) of an engine in order to extract the chemical energy lurking in these fuels and convert it into mechanical energy by rotating the axles and wheels of the vehicle.

There are 6 types of energy.

  1. Sound energy is energy created from an oscillating source. It travels as a wave in all directions around the source. In this type of energy travel, it relies on a medium to travel such as air, water, metal, wood. Human and animal sounds (Caused by the vibrations of the larynx), the sound of the instrument. (That vibrates both in a flick and hitting style)
  2. Chemical energy When we eat any food, our body receives energy for various activities. The hidden energy in those foods is all chemical energy. The same applies to cars that consume fuel as an energy source for driving.
  3. Radiant energy, both light and heat, is a radiant form of energy, which has the same travel characteristics as sound energy, is in the waveform that is emitted from the source. But unlike that, it may not need a medium to travel (for example, light can travel in space because it doesn’t need an air medium).
  4. Electrical energy The energy produced by electrons that travel through matter is called electrical energy. The battery of various electronic devices is a place to store electrical energy. And supply current into the circuit to make electrical appliances work
  5. Nuclear energy is an enormous amount of energy that is released in the form of radioactive substances that exist naturally. Or radioactive material in a nuclear bomb Nuclear reactor or atomic bomb This occurs when there is split atoms, commonly known as fission reactions.
  6. Mechanical energy is one of the two more subdivided forms of energy: potential energy and kinetic energy. Gravitational potential energy (Objects falling or moving from a height) and elastic potential energy (Spring or rubber band)

Actually, the law of conservation of energy is the first law of thermodynamics.

In thermodynamics, there are four laws (from zero to number four), the law of conservation of energy is one of the four laws.

To study thermodynamics we need to build a system first.

Figure 2. Thermodynamic diagram

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Everything that is not in the system is considered a system environment and the environment (Surroundings) is clearly separated by boundaries (Boundary). For example, if there is water in a closed vial in all directions. The scope is the inner glass bottle wall, and everything outside is the environment, including the glass bottle. (The system can be anything like an engine, a chemical reaction, a living cell).

Once we get to know the system, let’s answer the questions at the beginning of the article.

“Why energy cannot be regenerated even though we have to generate electricity every day?”

Because actually the power generation (Here is an example of hydroelectric power generation in a dam) is a form of energy from the mechanical energy of water that holds water in high places. By using a dynamo as a change, it will induce it in the generator (Generator) into electrical energy.

The second question. “Why can’t energy be lost or destroyed when we use our smartphones until the battery runs out every day?”

Because the electric energy or charge that is stored in the battery (Most smartphones are lithium-ion that can be recharged multiple times) are released into the circuit to illuminate the screen. Electrical energy is converted into light and heat energy. Is released into the chipset of the machine (which acts as the manager of the CPU and is the heart of the control of all devices on the mainboard) and is released into various devices inside the machine, which users will notice many Time that when we use the smartphone for a while, it will heat up. It is evidence that the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy.

Actually, there is much more to the story about energy. It is a story that affects science, economics, politics, war, trade and many others, which the author will tell you again in the next opportunity.