Emperor Wushuang

Emperor Wushuang
Other names: 帝后世无双
Author: Zui Liu Su
Genre: Novel, Overhead
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


According to legend, the founding emperor was bloodthirsty, the Dajin Dynasty was built on white bones, and the imperial dragon was cursed into evil, so that each generation of emperors could not live beyond forty-five years old. The heavenly master said that sending a lonely prince as an offering to feed the dragon of the imperial tomb can relieve this curse. He was the hapless Gu Sha, who was appointed a king at the age of six and gave him a remote palace built next to the mass grave. The celestial master said that there are saints at the Xianqi Gate, who are dull when they are young, and they must be smart and virtuous when they are resuscitated at the age of sixteen. But when the holy daughter was married to King Zhenling

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Chrysanthemum Remnant
Chapter 2 I’ll be back
Chapter 3 Come home with the phoenix
Chapter 4 Beautiful boy is down, she is up
Chapter 5 Genius Weapon Master
Chapter 6 Artificial knife and me as fish
Chapter 7 Give Her to Me
Chapter 8 The Four Levels of Charm
Chapter 9 You Demon
Chapter 10 Not as good as dry wood and raging fire

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