The Formation of Buddhist Repentance

Repentance is an important form of practice in Buddhism. Repentance cere-monies were gradually incorporated into the religious lifestyle of Chinese Buddhists following the transmission and translation of ideas concerning re-pentance in Buddhist sūtras. The reason that repentance came to be character-istic of Chinese Buddhism was a result of influences from native Chinese culture, in particular via intellectual influences from Confucianism and Dao-ism. Eminent Chinese monks devised Buddhist repentance within the context of debates regarding the three teachings (Buddhism, Daoism and Confucian-ism) during the Northern and Southern dynasties atop a foundation of repen-tance ceremonies that originally existed in India and the Western Regions. This kind of repentance, moreover, gradually adopted an expressed form that was suited to the culture of ‘ritual’ (li 禮) in China. Author by Kai Sheng.