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6 Ways to Change the Door of Your Home to Wealth

The most important of feng shui doors It’s not about the perfect twist or the tilt of the door to find the fortune angle of each house.

6 Ways to Change the Door of Your Home to Wealth

  1. Door color must be silver-attracted according to the sum of the number of the house, office, shop or sales booth.
  2. The front door must be lit to illuminate. Light will attract good things.
  3. The entrance door must be free from obstructions. Can walk in and out easily So that good fortune flows
  4. The front door should be larger than the back door. To look like a bag of gold with a wide mouth Open to receive a lot of assets
  5. Do not open the door to push out. Many say that a good door should be pushed in. In order to bring good fortune into the house But according to good feng shui principles is a balance of entry only. Or only leave, it is a lack of balance, so for me, Feng Shui can order. The best doors are slide doors because they save space. And balanced flow of elemental currents
  6. Keep the door clean and always look new.
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