The God of Loyalty: Ngak Hui Biography

The God of Loyalty: Ngak Hui Biography

Under the era of overlapping between the North Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty The Huns’ land suffered from war, weak army, unstable leader The country is full of nobles, fierce (fraud), the policy of the country focuses only on graduates. Not focusing on the military Until finally he had to lose the capital and flee in a hurry to set up a new capital in the southern city of Ling An But a Chinese proverb that says The hero-building situation was never wrong. In the midst of the chaotic war of the Three Kingdoms era In the chaos of Da Song, the peak of people like Zhuge Liang Guan Yu was born.

The previous version tells that Lord Ngak Hui (Yue Fei) was born in the year. 1103 It is said that in childhood Her mother got 4 letters, “Jing Jong Pao Guo” which means loyalty. Give back to the country Put it in the middle of the back So as not to forget the grace of the land Make Ngak Hui studied martial arts with Master Zhou Dong since childhood. In addition, he also studied and learned Phichaisongkram texts all along when he was 19 years old (some say 20) and therefore went to enlist. At that time, Da Song was at war with Dalian (Shidan), but when his father died, he resigned to mourn his father.

But then, when Da Jin The (who defeated Dalian) raised an invasion of Da Song. And invaded the capital at Kaifong Ngak Hui has therefore returned to enlist again. With its versatility, it will not take long to become a captain. While the Da Jin army surrounded Kaifong Ngak Hui has followed Deputy General Zhong Ze. Fight to defeat the army of Jin many times until the admiration of the deputy general. But at the end of the day, the city of Kaifeng was broken. Emperor Song Hui, Zhong, Song, Shinzhong and the royal family The great nobles were arrested. The army had to protect the royal family and the rest of the nobles fleeing south.

After establishing the capital at Ling An Ngak Hui made a letter to the Emperor Song Cao Zhong to organize an army to attack the north. To reclaim the lost land from Da Jin But the nobles have split into two sides, with the support of the fight for the area back. Return the part to be calm Finally, the notice of Ngak Hui was bounced. And demoted to the border Fight against Dajin who are following the invasion for a period of time.

When the battle results are visible Ngak Hui was promoted and summoned back. Until General Ze Zhong died Ngak Hui has therefore taken up the position of general From the sight of Da Song’s army was too weak. Therefore trained the soldiers in their own jurisdiction to have strength Until it has been called “Yue Jia Jun” or “Yue Clan Army” and when the position rose Yue Clan Army Or the military belonging to the government has increased to tens of thousands

Then Ngak Hui Has continued to create works by suppressing rebel bandits in the army like Li Cheng, Zhang Yong has been awarded a satin flag “Loyal Yue Fei” In the year 1134, he raised his army north, seizing the six cities such as Xiangyang Xingyang returned from the Army Jin. And the battle forced Da Jin to retreat further north in the year 1135, when Da Song tried many times, he could not suppress the Yangme rebellion. Therefore summoned Ngak Hui to come With talent and intelligence, he was able to defeat the rebellion. And received an additional 5-6 ten thousand soldiers

After the battle to defeat the rebellion, Ngak Hui went back to the north. By taking the Yunyang Sang Zhou and several other cities returned from Dajin. In 1137, Ngak Hui was promoted to military commander. Has offered the emperor Song Cao Zhong to make an advance north in order to reclaim the entire territory But was rejected by Emperor Song Kao Zhong in the year. (Prime Minister) Qin Khiao negotiated a truce with Dajin. By allowing the Southern Song Dynasty to become a noble city of Da Jin And must send a tribute every year

This made Ngak Hui upset. And resigned in protest But the resignation was rejected. The following year, General Wu Zhu broke his contract with Song. Athletics invaded south again. Ngak Hui was ordered to fight against Da Jin. And seized Dengzhou Luoyang City and defeated Da Jin’s mighty Iron Horse Army. Then he advocated to take over the city of Zhu Xian. Which is only 45 miles from the city of Kaifong, the capital of the north

Da Jin’s general Wu Zhu was beaten, retreated, and retreated to Kaifong. The morale of the soldiers was in a low dare to fight. There are rumors around that “Rocking the mountains is easy Closing the Yue Clan is even more difficult. ”In Zhu Xian, Cong Hui also recruit more soldiers to prepare to cross the river to capture all the lost lands. It also announced that “Will invade Huang Long City To share a drink with the two emperor (Song Hui Zhong and Song Qin Zhong) “

But then at that time, Emperor Song Gao Zhong’s side With Archdiocese of Chancellor Qin Cross Who thinks only to negotiate peace Therefore continued to use 12 golden amulet signs, issued an order to summon Nung Hui to withdraw his army back to the capital immediately While Ngak Hui was forced to move back, he looked up at the heavens, withdrew in that “Performance in ten years Return to perish just over a day Districts that can be reclaimed Returned overnight This land Difficult, prosperous This earth May not be the same “

When Ngak Hui went back Had rested the soldiers by allowing himself, his sons, and his adjutant back to the capital After returning, he was seized military power. Da Jin’s general Wu Zhu stated in the conditions of the armistice that “Must kill Ngak Hui” to agree to negotiate Qin Kiao planned to slander and arrest Ng Hui, his family and a close soldier, charged with treason. But when unable to find evidence Therefore executed by drinking poisoning “Might be guilty” (or not have to be guilty) at Sala Feng Puea At that time, Ng Hui was only 39 years old and executed Yueyun. And General Zhang Si Xian in the following year