Thoeng Ham Jai Kor Jak Ruk – ถึงห้ามใจก็จะรัก

Thoeng Ham Jai Kor Jak Ruk – ถึงห้ามใจก็จะรัก
Genre(s): Romance
Release: March 24, 2021
Episode: 16
Country: Thailand
Broadcast: PPTV
Language: Thailand


The story between friends who have been together for more than 14 years, the two are very close friends. Just look at the eyes and know what each other is thinking. They promised to be friends forever. There will never be a love story between a man and a woman. But then as the day passed A special feeling arises in someone’s mind that it is hard to explain.

Pimchanok (Momonchanok), a young woman who believes that she is beautiful, modern, is of interest to all men. And with the position of being a sales manager of famous brand shoes It made her more confident in herself and bluntly speaking. Pimchanok used to have a girlfriend, but in the end they had to break up.

And on the birthday of her age touching the number 30, she was once again terminated by her boyfriend. Pimchanok, heartbroken, no good pieces And the one who takes care of her consolation is Thanaphon (Pae Arak), a ground reception officer at one of the airlines. Two turn 35 years old, if someone is not married, they lose and have to pay for the other person.

Thanaphon watched Pimchanok’s love day after day He is both a counselor and a friend who takes care of both the misery and happy times. And the longer the day … the more love and concern will grow. Pimchanok was heartbroken soon, Nick (Bright Wachirawit), a young apprentice employee. Into Madam’s Heart With Nick as a charismatic person Bright and pampering Makes the two click and go together very quickly.

Meanwhile, Mawin (Shin Chinnawut), a young student outside Hi-sai. Who used to be ex-girlfriend when they were both in college Marin used to leave Pimchanok to study abroad without saying goodbye. But today he is ready to apologize and start over with Pimchanok.