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Angel Girl

Nancy Dow is a hauntingly beautiful teenage girl who wants to become a musician and singer and who is studying the arts, first in Arlington, Virginia, then in New York City. She appears to be seventeen or eighteen, but in reality is only thirteen. Nancy also happens to be half-human and half-angel and possesses a number of fantastic powers. Her mother, Ingrid Dows, is fully human but she also possesses a number of powers, on top of being the top military commander of all the American armed forces, with the rank of 5-star general. Together, they live through and shape a tumultuous period at the end of the 20th Century.ANGEL GIRL is a sequel to the novel RAISING NANCY and is the 11th novel in the Nancy Laplante Series.

Alternative name:
Michel Poulin
Sci-fi, Fantasy
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The atmosphere inside the Joint Chiefs Briefing Room, commonly called ‘The
Tank’, could be rightly described as ‘mixed’ when a very young woman dressed in a
Space Corps uniform and wearing the rank insignias of a five-star general entered the
room with Secretary of Defense John McCain, Under-Secretary of the Army Robert
Parnell, Under-Secretary of the Air Force Helena Mercer and Under-Secretary of the
Navy Charles Brubaker. One of the generals already sitting around the large conference.

table of the room, General Charles C. Krulak then corrected himself mentally. That
‘young woman’ was actually 67 years old, despite having the looks of a very beautiful
late teenager. Krulak’s father, the legendary Victor ‘The Brute’ Krulak, had served and
fought as a Marine Corps senior commander at the side of Ingrid Dows during World
War 2, the Korean War and the Indochina War and had told Charles many stories about
Ingrid Dows and her exploits as he grew up.

Charles, who had been named only four days ago as the new commandant of the Marine Corps, in replacement for ousted General Mundy, thus knew well her story, including the fact that Dows possessed
incredible supernatural powers and had been repeatedly rejuvenated by a mysterious
spiritual being she called ‘The One’. However, Charles Krulak admired her for being the
incredibly brave and talented fighter pilot, aerospace designer and combat commander
she was, and not because of her beauty or powers.

Others around the table were however not so fond of her, to say the least, mostly because they had trouble accepting the fact that a woman (and apparent teenager) was now in command of all the American military forces and because the recent purge among the Joint Chiefs ordered by President Ross Perot had created much resentment among many old-school American military commanders.

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