Lung disease, the body has “1 pain and 2 itching”

The human body exchanges gas with the outside world all the time. The main organ responsible for this work is the lungs. The lungs have been helping the body get oxygen, providing enough oxygen for the body to help maintain health. Although the work of the lung is very heavy, it is quite fragile. It is a delicate organ in the human body. If you stay in a heavily polluted environment for a long time, it is easy to damage your lungs and cause disease. But this year’s lung disease has caused a lot of discussion, and it is urgent to pay attention to lung health.

  1. Back pain

There are some tissues distributed in the back of the lungs. If the lungs are unhealthy or have severe disease, there will be back pain. Therefore, if your back is often painful, don’t think that only the cervical spine has a problem. If there are lesions in the lungs, there will also be chest pain and chest tightness. If you have chest pain, chest pain, or back pain, don’t take it lightly.

  1. Dry and itchy throat

The lungs communicate with the nose and mouth, and the throat is the first barrier to protect the lungs. If there is a problem with the lungs, it can cause a dry itchy throat or cough. When this happens, we must pay attention to the health of the lungs, which are extremely susceptible to dust particles. When the lungs are too dry, it can also cause coughing and dry throat. If the throat is often dry and itchy, pay attention to whether there is a problem with the lungs and moisturize the lungs in time.

  1. Itchy skin

Chinese medicine believes that the lungs have a certain role in nourishing the skin. If the lungs are healthy and endocrine is normal, the skin will be shiny. If the lungs are healthy, oxygen can transport qi and blood in time and circulate more smoothly to all parts of the body. Can play a certain role in nourishing the skin. If the lungs are not healthy enough to supply oxygen in time, it is easy to cause a series of skin problems due to insufficient blood.

How to safe your lungs a healthy?

Quit smoking – It is well known that smoking is harmful to your health, and it is even harder to make up for the damage caused by smoking to the lungs. Although smoking can indeed relieve stress well, the nicotine in cigarettes will cause lung cell necrosis and atrophy when passing through the lungs. Long-term smoking can even bury the hidden dangers of lung disease. So I want to take good care of my lungs, try to quit smoking, or reduce the frequency of smoking.