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Why is Four Season Villa gone (“Shanhe Order”)?

(山河令) – “Shanhe Ling” is a martial arts drama, and it is also about pleasure and enmity. Everyone has their own secrets. Zhou Zishu is the leader of Tianchuang, but he has another identity as the owner of Four Seasons Villa. Zhou Zishu could not protect the Four Seasons Villa, so he led eighty-one brothers to join King Jin, but they all died, leaving him alone.

At the beginning, it was vaguely revealed about the Four Seasons Villa, which can be known through Zhou Zishu’s monologue. Zhou Zishu was still the leader of the skylight. King Jin learned that Bi Changfeng had made a big mistake in overthrowing the Jidushi and insisted on leaving the skylight. The king of Jin was angry and sent Zhou Zishu to execute the sentence on Bi Changfeng himself.

Zhou Zishu returned to the empty Four Seasons Villa with mixed feelings. Ten years ago, he brought 81 brothers to Jinzhou. Now only he and Bi Changfeng are left. Bi Changfeng has followed Zhou Zishu for many years. Gradually discovering the true face of King Jin, he persuaded Zhou Zishu not to continue to be King Jin’s running dog, and to leave the skylight even if he was lying down as a useless person.

There is a rule in the skylight. Those who leave must be punished by the seven orifices and three autumn nails. When nails are nailed to different parts of the body, people will lose their five senses and become a useless person who can’t speak. After three years, they will run out of oil and die. Chang Fengqing is willing to accept the punishment of Qiqiao Sanqiu nail and also leave.

Zhou Zishu had to take out seven nails and nailed Bi Changfeng’s body. He resisted the pain and did not move. Zhou Zishu witnessed the tragic death of his brothers in Four Seasons Villa by his side.

And until Zhou Zishu truly explained his identity as the owner of the Four Seasons Villa and the tragic past of the Four Seasons Villa, he had to wait until Zhou Zishu was formally accepted as a disciple of Zhang Chengling. Zhang Chengling wanted to worship Zhou Zishu to learn martial arts as his teacher, and to avenge his father and brothers. Zhou Zishu considered repeatedly and decided to accept Zhang Chengling as his apprentice and truthfully tell his true identity.

Zhou Zishu admitted that he was the current owner of the Four Seasons Villa. The previous generation owner Qin Huaizhang was his mentor. Now he is the only one left in the Four Seasons Villa. Qin Huaizhang died when Zhou Zishu was sixteen.

He was unable to preserve the prestige of the Four Seasons Villa, so he took his brothers to join the Jinju Jiedu Envoy, and based on this, he founded Skylight. All 81 people in the old part of the Villa were reduced to Skylight Eagles, all because of his difference in thoughts. People were killed one after another. Zhang Chengling didn’t care who Zhou Zishu used to be, and was willing to follow him to learn martial arts. Wen Kexing urged him to immediately approve of his teacher, and Zhang Chengling knelt down to worship Zhou Zishu as his teacher.

There is only Zhou Zishu left in Four Seasons Villa. He said: “Ten years, ten years of no return. I remember that every face in Four Seasons Villa that died in front of me was dead. I am the only one who lives. Why? Of course it depends on me. I’m not worthy to die, I deserve to live, the leader of the skylight, under one person, above ten thousand, just live so magnificently, but can’t keep the person I want to protect.”

Perhaps among those who died, some would think he was a “devil”, and even his brother would not let him go. Zhou Zishu himself thought so too. In fact, Zhou Zishu’s life is more painful than the dead. Zhou Zishu is not a demon by nature, he is very kind, otherwise he would not protect Zhang Chengling along the way. However, Zhou Zishu classified himself as a wicked person, saying that he was the sinner of Four Seasons Villa, and he only hated himself.

A person will say that he is not worthy to die, and tortured himself crazily, how much courage it takes. Looking at the people Zhou Zishu has killed, the evil he has done is not worthy of being forgiven, but he also paid a great price in order to make up for the mistakes he committed.

Zhou Zishu frankly said: “In order to leave the skylight, I spent a year and a half laying seven orifices and three autumn nails for myself. There are actually two ways to play the seven orifices and three autumn nails. If you nail seven roots at a time, the prisoner will soon lose sight of it. Five senses can only live for three years as a useless person.

But if one is nailed every three months, let the nail grow into the flesh little by little, and become one with itself, although it only has a three-year life, there will be five successful husbands left, and the insensitivity and gradual loss can be kept. In the end, it was only necessary to endure the pain of congestion for three years and eighteen months. “

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