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In the name of marriage, Ye Lan Cheng Anzhisu’s

In the name of marriage, Ye Lan Cheng Anzhisu’s
Other names: 以婚之名叶澜成安之素最新章节, Ye Lan Cheng An Zhi Su in the Name of Marriage
Author: Yan Guier
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status:2064  Ongoing


See you for the first time, she is seven years old and he is twelve years old. He was hunted down and she saved him. The second time I saw her, she was ten years old and he was fifteen years old. At her mother’s funeral, he gave her a piece of ancient jade and promised her that it was a token. See you for the third time, she was twenty-five years old and he was thirty years old. She is not married, he is not married. She didn’t want to marry him, but he wanted to marry her. The fourth time I saw her, she was wearing a cheongsam and he was wearing a suit. Their first photo was printed on the marriage certificate. …I have known each other all the time, it is not too late to get married. She is An Zhisu, he is Ye Lancheng, this is her and his story.


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