Participant Handbook Part I author Alison

Participant Handbook Part I
Other names: คู่มือ เล่ม 1
Author: Alison
Genre: Auto Mechanics
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Automobile – It comes from an ancient Greek word is autos meaning self, and the Latin word mobills meaning
movable. It is defined as a four-wheeled vehicle that runs on a motor or an engine. The internal combustion engine propels the vehicle to move using either volatile inflammable substances (petrol or diesel) or electric motors.


Introduction to Automobiles
What is an Automobile
Evolution of Automobiles
Indian Auto Industry
Growing Importance of After Sales Service
Your Role in After Sales Service Industry
You and the Workshop
Your Role and Responsibilities as a Technician
Work Place Ethics and Behavioural Skills
Fundamentals of Workshop
Workshop safety
General Workshop Tools and Equipment
Basics of Auto Technology
Anatomy of an Automobile
Common Body Types
General Automotive Terminologies
Basics of Electricity
General Terms Related to Electricity
Conductors and Insulators
Electrical Circuits
Circuit Protection Devices
Engine – Basics
Working and Construction of the Engine
Classification of Engines
Working of Petrol and Diesel Engines
Internal Components of an Engine
Engine Mechanical Measurements
Diagnostic Gauges
Engine-Air Induction System
Introduction to Air Induction System
Types of Air Induction System
Evaporative Emission (EVAP)
Introduction to Evaporative (EVAP) Emission System
Types of EVAP System
Working of EVAP System
Fuel System
Introduction to Fuel System – Petrol
Types of Fuel System – Petrol
Introduction to Fuel System – Diesel
Types of Fuel System – Diesel
Lubrication System
Introduction to Lubrication System
Introduction to Lubricants
Types of Lubrication System
Working of Lubrication System
Cooling System
Introduction to Cooling Systems
Introduction to Coolants
Types of Cooling Systems
Exhaust System
Introduction to Exhaust System
Components of the Exhaust System
Engine Management System (EMS)
Introduction to EMS of Petrol Engine
EMS Components – Petrol Engine
EMS Schematic and its Checking – Petrol Engine
Introduction to EMS of Diesel Engines
EMS components – Diesel Engine
Staring System and Charging System
Power Flow Systems
Introduction to Clutch
Types of Clutch
Clutch Components
Introduction to Transmission
Types of Transmission
Transmission Components

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