Super debt system across the world

Super debt system across the world
Other names: 穿越万界之超级债务系统
Author: Mumu Xinru
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Qin Shihuang, you haven’t paid your debts yet, you can’t die!” “Pangu, you can’t open the sky, or where can I find you to pay back the money.” A high school student who had no hope of life, got the debt collection system. Traveling across the world to collect debts is dangerous. The new book “God Mantis Assembly Evolution System” has been released

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 The system was smashed out
Chapter 2 Collecting Debts in the World Returned from the Great Sage
Chapter 3 The Mountain Demon is Coming, and Death is Coming
Chapter 4 Reverse Spirit Grass, Improve Physical Fitness
Chapter 5 Return the money to the system
Chapter 6 Someone wants to find abuse
Chapter 7 Buying Weapons
Chapter 8 Traveling to the Ming Dynasty World
Chapter 9 Cigarettes are very valuable in ancient times
Chapter 10 One lighter sold for twelve taels of gold

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