Where is Skull Island?

Skull Island is an undiscovered island in the Indian Ocean. It first appeared in the 1933 movie “King Kong” and later appeared in its sequel and two remakes. The famous fictional monster King Kong was discovered on this island. In addition, there are a large number of prehistoric animals on the island.

In the movie, the island is depicted as being located near the island of Sumatra.

In order not to make netizens have a wrong understanding, hereby explain as follows:

The following content about “Skull Island” comes from the virtual setting of the 2005 version of “King Kong” director Peter Jackson and his team. The setting content has been printed as a picture album and distributed with DVD.

When people began to walk upright, instead of being undeveloped apes, they completed countless world explorations. Until 1933, there were only a few undiscovered corners of the world, all of which were very good. The reason for this is that under the raging waters of the Indian Ocean, there is what people call the dead place closest to hell: Skull Island. Skeleton Island became a legend through word of mouth among sailors and sloppy pictures. No one believes that the ancient creatures in mythology still live on the earth. Skull Island is a dead spot in geography and evolution, full of infinite mystery. But when Westerners landed on Skull Island for the first time in 1933, they continued to flee under the feet of those huge creatures that have only seen fossils so far. Scientists never expected that within 15 years, this incredible island of upside-down evolution would be Disappeared forever.


Skull Island is a rumor circulating among ocean-going sailors, and only a scribbled chart proves its existence. Based on this scribbled chart, we can guess that Skull Island is roughly located somewhere west of the Sumatra Islands. This small island shrouded in dense fog all the year round has become a blind spot in the theory of evolution. All kinds of huge prehistoric dinosaurs and other unprecedented creatures still live in this corner forgotten by time. And this lost world has not been known for a long time. Even if the wrecked crew members occasionally land on this island, the information they bring back is still vague.

Cause of demise

In 1948, after the first post-war expedition set off, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake erupted, which confirmed the extinction of prehistoric creatures, geological instability, and created a crater that allowed dinosaurs to survive. Skeletons The island was also engulfed by the ocean, but unlike the legendary highly civilized island, Skull Island was discovered by modern people, and many people sacrificed in the process. The only existing archive on Skull Island is a sample from the last Donkey Kong. According to rumors, they were transported to the archives of the National Museum of American History in 1933.

Please note that the interpretation of the “Skull Island” mentioned in “The 10th Screening Room-Movie Monsoon King Kong (Part 1)” broadcast by CCTV-10 on July 28, 2011 is ambiguous, resulting in ambiguity. Many netizens believe that the “Skull Island” in “King Kong” has actually existed in history.