Review and spoilers Godzilla vs Kong

  1. Kong was imprisoned in the dome. On the island of the skull. There is Dr.Andrews as a caretaker and a native girl. My name is Jia, she communicates with Kong in sign language.
  2. Bernie, who had been searching for information in Apex’s. Cybernetics Relying on the moment Godzilla invaded and escaped
  3. Simmons, owner of Apex Cybernetics To meet someone To find a way to Halow Earth
  4. Maia Simmons, Simmons’ daughter, came to meet Dr. Nathan Lind and Dr. Nedrues to find a way to get Kong. Go to Halow Earth
  5. During the transport, Kong was returned to the Antarctic.
    Godzilla siege Kong fights Godzilla
    But can’t fight Being knocked over by Godzilla
    Dr. Andrews sees a bad posture. Decide to make an order
    Turn off the engine to trick Godzilla.
    (This action is compared to an animal When unable to fight, act
    Feigned death) Godzilla saw that everything was calm. Therefore went to another place instead
  6. Dr. Lind adjusts the plan to use a helicopter to transport the Kong to Antarctica instead.
  7. Chia communicates with Kong in sign language as in the tunnel.
    It may be Kong’s house. Causing Kong to enter the tunnel
    Head to Halow Earth and the Dr.Andrews.
    Use the heap vehicle to follow Kong closely.
  8. Bernie Madison, Josh sneaked into the Apex
  9. Cybernetics, Hong Kong Branch They have found the truth
  10. That the Mega Godzilla was created by means of a machine that connects Serizawa’s nervous system and Gidora’s head.
  1. Godzilla invades Hong Kong And shoots light on the earth
    Through to Halow Earth
  2. Dr. Lind drives a heap vehicle. Andrews and Chia
    Out of Halow-Earth, and Miami Simmons in another heap. Confronted by Kong, the vehicle exploded.
  3. Kong fights Godzilla again. But was a mistake
    Right Godzilla Compressed until lying still.
  4. The Mega Godzilla control system is unstable.
  5. Makes the Mega Godzilla figure move by itself.
  6. Simmons was Mega. Godzilla Killed
  7. Mega Godzilla was more powerful than stuffing Godzilla. Until fall
  8. Jia can feel Kong’s heart beating slower.
    Drive the ship heap on the body of Kong. And manage explosive vehicles
    In order to stimulate Kong’s heart
  9. Kong awakened again. Jia used sign language to communicate with Kong that Godzilla was not an enemy. And begged Kong to help defeat Mega Godzilla.
  10. Kong and Godzilla Collaborate to successfully defeat Mega Godzilla.