Double-sided daughter, Gu Shao, please advise

Double-sided daughter, Gu Shao, please advise
Other names: 双面千金,顾少请多指教
Author: Yunxing
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: 341 Ongoing


“Two-sided daughter, Gu Shao please give more advice” She is a daughter of the Lu family. She has enjoyed a lot of pets since she was a child, but she does not want to be engaged. On the day of the engagement, a fire caused her to lose her loved one and ruin her face. She was reborn in the fire. Two years later, she returned as the third lady of the Shen family.-In the first two decades of his life, he was a tough Gu family young man. He fell from the top of the sky after undergoing great changes. In one deal, he replaced him.

The second young master of the Shen family, who was flawless, risked death and rescued her in the sea of ​​flames. -He gave her a place to stay and made suggestions for her; she sent Yingyingyanyan for him to help him stand on top of power. -One day, he put her in the corner and listened to Miss Shen San’s screaming: “Second Brother.” Shen Er Shao bent over to kiss her, she refused with a panic face: “No, our relationship, no Suitable!” The man pressed her shoulders, his hostility dissipated, his tone was half gentle and half coaxing: “Hey, let me kiss and give you my life.”