“So You Are Such Mr. Gu” starts broadcasting

Produced by Penguin Films, produced by Blueport Films, directed by emerging directors Ma Hongwen and Li Dian, new-generation actors Chen Jingke, Yan Zhichao, Guo Yunqi, Zhu Danni, Ding Jiawen, Xin Ruiqi, Zhong Weilun and other co-starring youth love idol dramas “So You Are Such Mr. Gu” was officially launched on Tencent Video at 20 o’clock today.

“It turns out that you are Mr. Gu” has 30 episodes. The single episode is 35 minutes long. It tells the story of the contrasting cute CEO Gu Nanzhou and the princess Zhou Jianqing who started the cohabitation life of pretending to be a husband and wife because of a will. , The story of first marriage and love after joining hands in pursuit of dreams.

Proposal immediately after the broadcast, kissing in the first episode, the wall, the car and the sofa are endless, and the sweet scenes continue. From a series of vigorous marriage proposals by Mr. Gu, to the protagonist and the protagonist as Party A and Party B signing the prenuptial agreement, the rhythmic love progress bar and the dense “sand sculpture” hilarious section bring a relaxed and joyful drama. Experience, hit the hearts of the audience girls. Unexpected plots and reversals have triggered the audience’s expectations and reveries for the subsequent development of the plot.

The funny and sweet pet atmosphere of the drama also benefits from the personality of the male and female protagonists. The overbearing president Gu Nanzhou is vigorous and resolute in the workplace, but he is a full-fledged “caiji” in love, with zero love experience. With the reverse assist of Jiang Xiaochuan, who is also a caiji, the situation is frequent and full of jokes during the marriage proposal.

Unlike the silly, white and sweet heroines commonly seen in sweet pet dramas, Zhou Jianqing has both the hard core of focusing on career and mad white lotus, but also the sweetness of soft and cute, coquettish and sticky. He is also a diligent, self-disciplined, and all-rounder who is good at using time people. At the beginning of the series, it was a collection of Zhou Jianqing’s various odd jobs. As the story progressed, Zhou Jianqing accidentally received a task of setting up a proposal scene. After the completion of the work, she discovered that it was a proposal ceremony that Gu Nanzhou had prepared for him. In addition to being funny, it also adds a bit of sweet fate to the drama.

The high-quality content benefits from the production team’s meticulous control of each link, as well as the solid acting skills of the casts. In terms of setting, from the campus buildings of the heroine Zhou Jianqing to the decoration of the dormitory, they are full of fairy tales, which fully embodies the dreamy beauty of idol dramas; while Gu Nanzhou’s residence is exquisite and atmospheric, and fits the identity of the overbearing president. On the soundtrack, the agile and light melody also creates a sweet pet atmosphere.

In the casting, Chen Jingke’s handsome and handsome appearance fits Gu Nanzhou’s personality very well, and Yan Zhichao’s playful and cute image also fits well with Zhou Jianqing’s corner. The tacit partner of the two even maximizes the sense of CP. In addition to the male and female protagonists, several other actors also vividly interpret the roles in the play. A new combination of young actors injects fresh blood into the play, and the delicate interpretation makes the romantic atmosphere throughout the play.

Through the episodes broadcast today, it is not difficult for the audience to see that Gu Nanzhou, as the CEO of an animation company, insists on original and high-quality content, and will also understand the psychological shadows left by his childhood trauma. This character setting is also the plot of the drama The key clue to the direction: In the subsequent love process, Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing will heal each other and achieve each other in life and career.

The heart-warming healing storyline interprets the growing love model of “No one is perfect, but when I meet you, I become a better version of myself”. The positive emotional value output also allows the audience to see the “other possibility” of the sweet pet drama.

“It turns out that you are Mr. Gu” is online today on Tencent Video. It will update 2 episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and 4 at 20 o’clock, bringing you to experience a different kind of sweet love.