Stunning marriage at every step

Stunning marriage at every step
Other names: 步步惊婚
Author:  Love speechless
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Eight years ago, a “campaign crime case” put Juventus quietly in jail. Eight years later, she returned from hell. The cruel reality forced her to become a professional paparazzi. Failed to perform the paparazzi mission for the first time. When he woke up, he found that the man who took advantage of her was him? ! The others were unsmiling, with cold eyes, everyone respected him as Mr. Yung, but the queen was not a person at all. Every time he went to the house, he would tear off the disguise. To her… Juventus, “Mr. Rong, others say I am a man. A bad woman with a conviction.” Rong Yiheng said, “My son can make soy sauce, so he can take care of others!

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Failed to Catch the Rape
Chapter 2 By whom
Chapter 3 He never believed in coincidences
Chapter 4 72-Hour Emergency Medicine
Chapter 5 Self-inflicted
Chapter 6 He is not as domineering in the legend
Chapter 7 Signature
Chapter 8 Hickey
Chapter 9 How to Use Rong Yiheng’s Weight

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