Please squad leader

Come on to the squad leader
Other names: 拜託了班長, Bàituōle bānzhǎng, Please watch the monitor, Please Class Mate, SenYong High School Class Two Grade Three (c), 森永高中三年二组, Morinaga High School Third Year Group 2
Author: by Xiao Ni Zi
Genre: Youth, romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Before returning to Morinaga High School, an angel-like pure white boy told me that without me, the world would be like a piano without keys, and would never be able to play a complete piece of music. I thought that to him, I was like this.

However, when I entered the legendary three-year second group-my appearance was lost to the four-dimensional prince sick boy; my temperament was lost to the otaku squad leader who would turn into a monster if I took off my glasses; I was about to express my emotions. The sunshine boy who was “please give birth to me” forgot about me, but the grumpy “boss” appointed me to be his royal slave!

And the genius boy with black hair as dark as eternal night and cold eyes as black as jewels is just watching the reversal of all this…

Before the start of “Devil Hunt” and after the announcement of “You are dead”, Morinaga High School Group 2 of the third year of the infinite popularity and destructive power of beautiful teenagers with 12 constellations, the glory era begins here!


Prologue The Legend of Stars between Light and Shadow
Chapter 1 The Venus in the Only Note
Chapter 2 Sirius in the Wasteland of Heart
Chapter 3 The Celestial Star in the Quadruple Space
Chapter 4 Xiao Chenxing under the Slave Agreement
Chapter 5 The Glory Planet in a Secret Mood
Chapter 6 The Doji under the Reflection of Truth
Chapter 7 The Guardian of the Ambiguous Corner
Chapter 8 The Shaking Star in the Memory Silhouette
Chapter 9 The North Star under the Scarlet Wings