Raising all mankind

Raising all mankind
Other name: 饲养 全人类
three hundred pounds of smile
Romance, Novels
Status: Ongoing


In the age of tribal farming, the world was very large and unknown. With constant exploration, the ancients were frightened to find that in this world where the skies were round, various miracles had occurred, and there were also giants of height and bodies of wisdom beasts mysteriously appeared stepping on. Mountains and destroyed the world hundreds of years later, in such a treacherous environment, people fought against the beast and finally established a terrible Sumerian civilization. On this day, the clever giant came suddenly and completely, trampling all the mountain villages and rivers, sweeping the country and destroying the species. The world collapsed, the city collapsed God came down and redeemed living things? “Sorry, you are just an ant living in my orchard. The ground is everywhere. When you pass by accident, you will be trampled to death.” Sand table in my garden gardening currents and the human race and the earth in the sand table. Grazing


Chapter 1