The Bad Wife

The Bad Wife
Other names: 不良人妻
Author: Lou Caining
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Although she and her sister are twins, but she was in good health, the first good Zhuangzhuang sister was physically weak qi is weak, pain and illness, since it is impossible to share the pain of her sister, she decided to complete all wish for the sister, but … My sister actually wanted her to marry that man to make up for her inadvertent mistake in her childhood? !

Seeing the look in her sister’s expectant and pleading eyes, she couldn’t say no to refuse, so she had to put the woman’s restraint aside and embarked on the “fight to chase her husband” cheeky , but doesn’t the saying go, “women chase men’s interlayer yarn”?

Why did she rack her brains and pursue him with all her tactics, and never get good results?

Making love and sour plum soup for him, but accidentally made it too sour, pretending to have other suitors, and wanted to make him nervous, but he immediately saw it through. It really made her ashamed and angry… just gradually, she I found that I was not only approaching him because of his sister’s request.

His gentle, considerate and responsible attitude throbbed her heart deeply. I really hope to be with him forever!

With great difficulty, he finally responded to her feelings and gave her unlimited love. The

two started a sweet and happy life. She also thought that she would be happy forever… But

when the secret was revealed, he learned the truth and did not forgive her at all.

She didn’t even give her the opportunity to explain her deception. She didn’t want to give up on him like this. How could she recover it……


Chapter 1 (Bad Married Woman)
Chapter 2 (Bad Married Woman)
Chapter 3 (Bad Married Woman)