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Pets to the God of Wealth Wife

Spoiled to the wife of wealth
Other names: 宠到财神妻, Pets to the God of Wealth Wife
Author: Green Light
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


What should I do if I encounter unreasonable unreasonable swearing at people? It’s simple, just choke back!
As for accidentally causing others to fail to sign the contract, she can only say that she is sorry . She is so happy that she has worked so hard for others, but if this unlucky person is unfortunately her new boss,
her assistant with Junrubanhu has no choice but to do it. Niu is a horse and a horse, but his anger is very different from others.

She helped him buy dumpling stocks, but he scolded her for being too close to a male colleague. She was caught when she went to work and squinted. What he said was that she didn’t wipe the hand cream when her hands were cracked. He dragged her as a bridesmaid from the wedding venue of her first love. He
insisted that she must be very sad and took her straight to his house to see the cross. Fireworks in the year,
but in the end the fireworks show did not see much, because they were busy lighting each other’s body……


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