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Thunderbolt Fantasy 3

Thunderbolt Fantasy 3
Other name:  東離劍遊紀3
Genre: Action, Adventure, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Release: April 3, 2021
Episode: 13
Country: Japan
Broadcast: Tokyo MX
Writer: Gen Urobuchi
Cast: Junichi Suwabe, Kousuke Toriumi, Nishikawa Takanori


The puppet show “Glove Puppet” has been enjoyed by children and adults so much that it is said that there are no strangers in Taiwan.

Nitroplus “Gen Urobuchi”, who fell in love with the video, was in charge of the draft, screenplay, and general supervision. A completely new Japan-Taiwan joint video project in collaboration with the miracle of.

The third season of the TV series “Thunderbolt Fantasy Higashi Riseki Yuki 3”, which will start broadcasting on Saturday, April 3, 2021, is a story following “Thunderbolt Fantasy Higashi Riseki Yuki 2” and “Thunderbolt Fantasy Higashi Riseki Yuki 2”. In “Thunderbolt Fantasy Higashi Riseki Yuki 2”, a new devil’s hand creeps up on the unaffected people who are searching for the whereabouts of the slaughter and the seven slaughterers who have fallen into the valley of Mt.

The character design is handled by the designers led by Nitroplus (newly joined by “Cat Can Masigura”). The figure maker “Good Smile Company” will continue to participate as a doll modeling advisor.

The unaffected people who search for the bottom of the valley in search of the whereabouts of Mariko Seyama and Tenryo Shichisatsu who have fallen into the valley of Mt. But what they got lost in was a vast cave overgrown with bizarre vegetation. A witch, a prisoner, who was once blocked from the ambition of the genie’s resurrection, joins hands with Saiyu’s evil sect, “Kamiyokai,” and now stands in front of Rin Yukiho and Makoto in a meticulous trap. !!

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