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Love Scenery – 良辰美景好时光

Good day, beautiful scenery, good time
Other name: 良辰美景好时光, Love Scenery, 良辰美景好时光
Genre: TV series, Love
Release: 2021
Episode: 35
Country: China
Director: Qin Zhen
Writer: Alice Shake
Cast: Xu Lu Lin, Hu Bing, Hu Yun-ho, Dani Yueyue, Li Xue, Shujie Wang


The TV series “Good Time and Beautiful Time” is a youth inspirational drama directed by Qin Zhen, starring Xu Lu and Lin Yi, and starring Hu Bing, Hu Yunhao and Chong Danni. The play is adapted from the Jinjiang Literary City novel “A spear is easy to hide, but a secret love is hard to guard” (Original: Qiao Yao) tells about the positive energy singer Liang Chen (Xu Lu) and the computer department big data research senior Lu Jing (Lin) An inspirational story of mutual forging and growing together. Liang Chen, Lu Jing and others are enthusiastic in their respective fields, using their professional spirit to inspire and guide those who love them.

Liang Chen, who expresses “the best, the most true, and the most beautiful” in music, is committed to bringing good music works to the audience. Lu Jing, who loves computer and big data research, has been highly recognized by the big data academia by studying massive data such as various complex behaviors and psychological information of human beings. Lu Jing uses his solid professional qualities to positively influence the students around him and make contributions to social data research.

Two strangers who were originally looking at each other met because of big data, and they kept approaching and trusting each other on the journey of chasing dreams, and harvested their own “good times” together. By chance, they also participated in a research project of a psychology research institution-about people’s emergency response in a stressful environment. Their physical and psychological responses to the complex and diverse environment of the digital world are precious data samples. In the “cloud collaboration” filled with laughter and harvest time and time again, Liang Chen felt the fighting spirit and courage in Lu Jing, which made her also persevere and firm in the face of the bottleneck of her career.

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