How important is health insurance today?

Changing times have changed many things. Factors that are related to our health are the same. Whether it is food, environment or even lifestyle All result in disease and illness And you may have to lose a lot of your earned money on medical expenses. Therefore, health insurance is indispensable in order to accommodate the risks of various diseases.

Health insurance is insurance that covers expenses incurred from various ailments. For the insured Whether it was a minor illness that went to the doctor and took the medicine home Or severe illness that requires prolonged hospitalization, such as influenza, dengue fever, and various serious diseases

There are two forms of health insurance:

  1. Group health insurance Which can be found in various companies or organizations That the company has purchased as a benefit to cover medical expenses for staff Or employees within the organization Which may have both low coverage Or high coverage It depends on the organization.
  2. Personal health insurance Is health insurance purchased for the protection of a single insured person You can choose and set according to the needs of each person to suit the risk of that person.

In addition to that, we can also categorize health insurance according to coverage as follows:

  1. Inpatient health insurance – Inpatient health insurance will provide coverage for inpatient cases in the event of a diagnosis from a doctor that must remain in the hospital for at least 6 consecutive hours
  2. Outpatient health insurance – Outpatient health insurance covers coverage if the patient is hospitalized but does not need to be admitted. (Sleeps and heals)
  3. Critical illness insurance – Health insurance covering the treatment of particularly serious illnesses. Supports time-consuming and costly treatment Covers serious injury diseases that require specialist treatment.
  4. Accident insurance – Accident insurance provides coverage for medical expenses related to injuries from various accidents. From minor injuries to disability or death.
  5. Income compensation insurance – Income compensation insurance is responsible for paying compensation in the event that the insured is sick or injured that results in being unable to go to work.

Is health insurance still necessary?
Let’s be honest, “Necessary” and there may be more and more necessities. As time elapsed Many people think that getting health insurance if they don’t get sick is not worth the money they pay. Have to pay higher each year. But if you look back at the factors of why we need health insurance, you might change your mind.

  • Worse Environment: Really Undeniable That at present, no matter which part of Thailand is in, there is a risk of disease from the environment Including small dust, waste water, and environment caused by various work Which makes the chances of developing the disease much higher than in the past
  • New diseases that are constantly present: various pathogens. Has evolved just like humans That we have had a cold That doesn’t mean you won’t catch a cold twice. There is also a new disease with a strange name. Come to be heard often Like the COVID-19 virus. (Or new coronavirus), health insurance will be more helpful in reducing expenses in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Low Cost, More Treatable: Many people try to point out that health insurance is expensive. But nowadays, health insurance packages come in many forms. To meet all needs, making people with low incomes And people with high income can add more coverage.

It can be seen that health insurance is necessary. For a person’s body gradually deteriorates With increasing age Therefore, choosing a pre-insured to cover your own risk may be a better option for you.