Beacon Technology, the technology of the future

During these years Smartphones are being developed with more technologies that can be used in a wide variety of applications according to the increasing demands of users. Thus making smartphones widely popular It can be said that the hardware is the core of the processor to work as fast as the computer. It is the key that makes the smartphone work at full capacity. Smartphone or mobile operating system makers are continually competing to develop more technologies as well. One of them has a technology called Beacon, which is detailed and interesting. You can follow in this article.

What is a Beacon?

Beacon is a device designed to transmit bluetooth signal, it automatically sends low energy signal, also known as bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, 2.4 GHz frequency to the receiver device. The device here is the user’s smartphone in the area that the signal can reach. The signal is sent in a radius of 10–30 m. It transmits the frequency at intervals of times per second depending on the developer.

Today’s mobile phone operating systems can support more Beacon Technology in all operating systems. And began to be seriously imported into Thailand Especially used in areas where the GPS system is not accessible, such as indoors, the Beacon device will send the Bluetooth signal to the user’s smartphone within the radius of the signal transmission. If the smartphone has a Bluetooth receiver, it will receive a notification on the smartphone. And get information (Information) that is useful to users immediately.

Applications of Beacon Technology

  1. Used to act as a receptionist, for example, if we walk close to the Beacon area, we will receive a welcome message that is the essence of the restaurant, whether it is promotional information, food menu, etc.
  2. Applied in customer relationship management or CRM (Customer Relationship Management), for example by sending coupons, discounts or special promotions. And notify users of product information immediately Causing users to use more benefits
  3. It is used as a navigation system for building areas, indoor spaces, confined spaces where GPS can be precise but within the signal limit.
  4. Used in cue card system To prioritize hospitality services that require a large number of customers, such as banks or government offices.
  5. Used to perform Bitlock or to encrypt or unlock the code of usage of devices such as bicycle unlockers with apps, that is, when the owner walks closer to the detecting device, they can use their mobile to unlock them. have
  6. Making a Whistle Wearable Device to track pet health data.
  7. Beluvv or a device for tracking young children Which is used to send an alert to parents when their children are out of sight or

After reading this article I probably already understand how a Beacon is useful. Let readers continue to think that How is this device useful to us?