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analysis of constellations – Sheep (March 21-April 20)

Sheep (March 21-April 20)
Gems: amethyst, diamond
Lucky color: bright red
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 6, 7
Lucky location: metropolis
EQ index: 70-96
Dominating planet: Mars
Guardian planet: Mars

The origin of the myth

Philipises, the son of Neipol, was convicted of rape of Biatis, and was sentenced to death. Before the execution, a golden ram carried him and his sister Heller on his back in time. Unfortunately, because of the ups and downs, the sister’s eyes fell on the back of the sheep for a while, but Philip was rescued safely. He sacrificed the ram to Zeus as a sacrifice, and Zeus turned it into a constellation in the sky. Later, in order to seize the wool of the golden sheep, Jason started a wonderful adventure story.

Nemesis of Aries

I am most afraid of facing the sharp eyes of Scorpio, as if I can see through my heart, and I don’t know how to deal with Pisces’s coquettish characteristics. The way to improve should be to arm yourself ideologically, don’t let your feelings overflow, it is best to take the Aquarius method of life with a cold eye as a model.

The appearance of Aries

It gives the impression of being energetic and capable of doing things. The facial features are deep and sharp, with high forehead and cheekbones, strong chin, and tightly closed lips. The eyebrows are thick, the eyes are sharp and straight, and the nose is long. The character is fickle and irritable; he is a natural fighter, with vigorous skills; he will be childish in front of the person he cares about.

Characteristics of Aries

In the timing of the four seasons, Aries occupies the pleasant season of “early spring”, and the charm of the natural leader Aries when getting along with people is just as pleasant as this season. The positive character of Aries is like a surging wave, repelling any obstacles that might lie in front of you. However, only seeing dreams and things in front of you, being too courageous is the shortcoming of Aries. The need to stop and look at the beauty around life is often the source of vitality for the next sprint.

Advantages of Aries

Be active, enthusiastic, energetic, responsible, loyal, optimistic, enterprising, confident, courageous to accept new ideas, bright and decisive, candid, true, and explosive, have the courage to accept challenges and not fear power

Disadvantages of Aries

Too much self-centeredness, impatience, lack of patience, carelessness, a little bit of fart, not thinking about doing things, looking forward, and only three minutes of heat, easy to be ashamed and becoming angry, lack of time, not understanding, taking care of the body

Characters of Aries

Aries are the best at defending their own interests and protecting themselves, even for the sake of minor gains at the expense of lying, but they are not good at self-justification, lies are easy to expose; fortunately, although they are selfish, they are reasonable. Once they are exposed to lies At the same time, you can also admit it. People with this constellation are mostly impatient, so they tend to speak impolitely and do not hesitate to speak. People with strong Aries tendencies are aggressive, generous, and lively.

Resilience is agile and quick to deal with things, but it is often careless and easy to overlook details. As for keen reactions, there are often negative effects, such as easy to irritate others and impulse. When arguing with others, you always try to get the upper hand, and the worst kind is often selfish and doesn’t consider the position of others at all. Aries people like to drive fast, not because they want to commit suicide, but because they want to be the best among them.

Aries’ adventurous behavior is not just for pleasure. Although some people are famous for driving rampage, they may also receive medals for their bravery. Personality is coarse and leafy, often cut or scalded inadvertently. I am not afraid of noise, and sometimes even like to be loud, but I have more headaches than others. Aries people have a keen mind and have a restless nature. Others can never force him to engage in things that he is not interested in. In the face of adversity, you can only maintain patience when you are sure that your efforts will be rewarded. The trait of going forward desperately is just a myth. The true Aries character is only willing to try after confirming the goal.

Mental performance of Aries

Although Aries people are known for being difficult, their witty response and ridiculous attitude can often make bloggers laugh at the most upset moments. However, overly quick reactions can sometimes cause trouble. His brains move too fast, often like a wild horse without the rein, not bound by logic, but he can always make quick and correct judgments when facing a decision. On the surface, Aries people are more difficult to get along with.

He is energetic, outgoing, disgusting monotony, and unwilling to be restricted. But in fact, as long as there is sufficient freedom, whether it is work or interpersonal relationship, you can have the best performance. The way of thinking is often affected by the position of other planets (the nine planets outside the earth affect different aspects, such as: Mercury is related to the coordination of intelligence, mind, and nervous system, the body’s respiratory system, mental sensitivity, thyroid, and daily traffic; Venus’s ability to influence lovers, emotions and the influence of the body’s waist, kidneys, throat, thyroid and women will be explained again if there is time.

For example, if Mercury is in Pisces, then the most dominant Aries mental agility will not be able to Full play will be restricted. Although his reaction is still fast, he has a tendency to forgetful and confused, and sometimes seems to be completely ignorant and stupid. People with other constellations, especially the more sophisticated and sophisticated constellations, may laugh at the impulse and fickleness of Aries, but his unmodified, even almost primitive, almost pure instinct impulse, often makes people refreshing. It feels, and sometimes even brings good luck to him.

Aries love

Aries people have a strong, proactive attitude. If the ascending sign is Aries, the sexual impulse will be more relaxed, he may be a romantic hand, but the selfish tendency will also deepen; if the sun is simultaneously restrained (judging by the ascending sign), this kind of selfishness Tendency can cause mental distress and abnormalities. People with this constellation are a little childish, especially when everything goes wrong, this tendency is more obvious.

Career of Aries

Aries people have a positive and pioneering spirit, they may become explorers, or they may use their spirit of adventurous and difficult tasks in other areas and get real satisfaction. Like to engage in competitive work, he can show his keen reaction and superior judgment in a lively and changing environment. He can’t stand a slow-paced or stable and unchanging career. He is not suitable for being confined to a small child by nature. Behind his desk, because it made him unable to vent his energy to the full, appropriate challenges would inspire him to succeed.

Suitable jobs for Aries

Journalists, explorers, politicians, tourism, services, finance, writers.


In their spare time, Aries people like to engage in intense sports and can vent their infinite energy; they are good at manipulating sharp instruments, such as carving; they are fascinated by speed and like excitement and noise, so they like sports cars and racing cars.


The biggest shortcoming of Aries parents is that they often put a lot of pressure on their children for their own competitiveness. In order to make their children stand out in school to satisfy their good face mentality, they will often go overboard, especially as a mother Ayang. People should try to restrain this shortcoming. However, Aries is still an ideal parent, especially for children with a lively and outgoing personality. It is more helpful to their development. It should be noted that you should not pull out the seedlings to encourage the children to grow at a normal speed.


Aries children have endless energy to vent. If parents cannot give proper discipline, they will have endless troubles in the future, but they should not be too strict, otherwise it will be counterproductive and the easier it will be to go astray. He should develop good living habits since he was a child. And the spirit of discipline. Aries children may not be interested in some boring courses in school, and may be inattentive or truant in class, but if they find their star interest, they will be very focused and enthusiastic, so they should be guided to explore their interests , Counseling from the side.

Aries-likes novel things

Lover’s secret mood

An enthusiastic and positive lover of Aries has high expectations of himself, is more intolerant of ordinary affairs, and likes novel and valuable gifts to satisfy his curiosity.

Gifts for him: a very unique belt, a very special pen, and a very elegant print scarf

Easily sad lover

His heart

An Aries man has idealization and perfectionism towards love. The lover in his mind will be a little fairy-tale. It is as beautiful, cute, lively and understanding as Snow White!! However, he has a strong self-esteem. The subjective consciousness is stronger, everything is straightforward and a little headstrong and stubborn, but he is a vulnerable and sad lover.

Heart-stealing trick

If you agree with him, support him, and encourage him in everything, his simple and passionate heart will do everything for you. If you are loyal to him and only love him, he will be loyal to you as well, because the lover of Aries is very easy to be jealous to make him feel at ease, and he is happy.

If you are away

He is full of combat. Once he leaves, he will be attracted to you immediately, and he will move forward courageously, throw into your arms, and immediately meet your heart obediently!!

Both soft and hard

He is a face-saving lover who refuses to admit his mistakes. Sometimes you can’t stand it and quarrel with him, but after the quarrel, coax him with sweet words and add a sweet smile, he will love you more and love you more of!!

Husband Aries-aggressive and persistent heat conduction missile

It’s no more appropriate to describe the husband of Ayang with “the silkworms in the spring will end when they die”! Their obsession with ideals and their enthusiasm for goals are just like a heat-conducting missile chasing an airplane.


Many people think that the husband of Aries must be fierce and grumpy. In fact, many husbands of Aries are gentle, considerate and romantic. Their enthusiasm lies in their pursuit of career. In terms of career, they have high self-expectations, constantly shifting their goals, always pursuing excellence, and busy surpassing themselves. Husband Aries is groundbreaking, challenging himself for the rest of his life is their greatest ideal. At this level, they are forever male chauvinism, do not allow themselves to fail, and do not want others to help or sympathize.


Husband Aries is enthusiastic and generous, and in the face of difficulties, he likes to play the role of “one man is the key, ten thousand men are invincible”. Wife intervenes, the effect is not great, you can hardly resist his 100% confidence and courage. It’s better to be a supporter and help him keep a close eye on his wallet by the way. The biggest weakness of Aries is its slow response to the loss of money. Husband Aries likes to look forward, just like a thermal missile, only staring at the target, so carelessness is also a big problem. Don’t be too sad if he forgets your birthday. Think about his enthusiasm for chasing you before. He just shifted his focus to his career! Why not buy some gifts to reward yourself? He would never mind the skyrocketing credit card bill.


Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer wife: Please tolerate his career-oriented outlook on life.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Wife: Please move faster to match his rhythm.

Aries, Lions, Sagittarius Wife: Please keep an eye on your account and be careful not to make ends meet.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius wife: Please tolerate his male chauvinism!

When you fall in love with a male sheep, remember to be more nervous

  1. The heart of a male sheep is a hot flame

The male sheep likes to go through fire and water, because his heart is made of fire. Male sheep like to hesitate, because it is very close to the so-called self. Male sheep are often furious, after all, being gentle like water is too difficult for him! Male sheep taboos to add fuel to the fire, in addition to making things uncontrollable, they will also cause the other party to die. In any case, the heart of a male sheep is a hot flame, if you want to try what is called fiery love, just provoke him! It is guaranteed to make you breathless and sweaty. However, you have to be mentally prepared first, and the fire will burn fiercely. It is very likely that the result will be just a pile of ashes.

  1. The personality of the candy kid

When he wants the candy he wants, he can stay excited for three days and three nights. On the fourth day, he began to worry; why I have already got the candy I want, but still unhappy! Don’t be bothered by his philosophical contemplation, it’s not that complicated, he just loves the new and dislikes the old a bit faster than normal people! Give him cheesecake again, and he is happy like a balloon again! In case he doesn’t want cheesecake, try another kind. Sometimes his unreasonable harassment is just because he doesn’t even understand what he wants! Pat him, coax him, or take him to the Fei Mama Bakery and let him choose by himself. Candy kid, smile again!

  1. Stupid thinking that enthusiasm can save the world

He was Don Quixote with a spear put on his armour, and he vowed to eradicate all the bane of the world that makes the world go backwards. Maybe he was burning with his proud face for a certain idealism, or he could do his best to laugh with excitement. Of course, what he did was probably just walking ten steps longer than others, dumping the trash in the bucket or stuffing the extra change back into the hands of the boss, which made him deeply fascinated by his sentiment. Sympathizing for the weak and fighting against the mighty is his lifelong pursuit. He can accept face-to-face accusations, but he can’t stand the stubbornness behind his back. As soon as the matter reached his ears, the volcano erupted immediately. As for magma, it was not only for him. He gasped and buried him alive.

  1. The male name of a male sheep is a hero

Give him the stage, he will dance to exhaustion and die. To his opponent, he will fight hard but hard to outsmart. Challenge him, he will come back out of the arena more energetic than young people. Give him a beauty, an immortal, and the undefeated East will immediately become the invincible East! Since ancient times, heroes have been saddened by beauty, and this male sheep who regarded himself as a hero is of course no exception. Without a stage, he would look for a battlefield, and without a battlefield, he would look for an opponent, but without no one, he would not have himself, even to the point where life is boring and devoid of light. A male sheep will not force a smile, let alone make fun in hardship, and if a beauty leaves, he will only be reckless and make it distressing or annoying. However, male sheep are more troublesome than heroism. They rarely abandon women mercilessly. On the contrary, they have a high probability of being abandoned, which corresponds to the heroic confession of “I would rather let the world take on me than I would take on others.”

  1. His love is conquering

“Because I want to seize” is reasonable to him. His love is conquering. In essence, he doesn’t need emotions. In other words, the emotions of the other party are not important to him. Whether it is deliberately ignored or superficial, it stays in the age of the emperor. He is the kind of person who can talk about a crazy love with you. It’s a pity that many times he makes it touching, but he speaks funny. The Aries man lacks verbal charm, it is difficult to say touching words, but the jokes are full of jokes, which is closely related to his lack of restraint and intellectual destiny.

  1. The outside is as firm as rock, and the inside is as crisp as glass

It’s easy to have a male sheep help you. You only need to show a sense of helplessness, and of course you can have helpless eyes to ensure that you are safe. The male sheep will become a strong giant who is invincible, but to make the giant shed tears, you only need to tell him that you don’t like him. You never think of him as your friend, especially after gaining his trust. It was enough to break his heart. They believe in friends, value love, expect miracles, and believe in victory. To be as strong as a rock is to be strong because of the desire to challenge. Crisp as glass is because of rejection rather than passion. The most dangerous enemy and the most loyal friend.

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