Pour the World Beastmaster

Pour the World Beastmaster
Other names: 倾世御兽师
Author: Mo Gusheng
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In that world, demons are rampant, fairy spirits stand out, and the strong are respected. According to the legend, the ascension of the emperor can glimpse the numerology of the heavens, the realm of the gods can control the life and death of the world… Once a chance, let the soul of the wind and the moon pass through another world, and the world is eager to seek the spirit and ask the way. Unscrupulous but exhausted to the true love. In that life, the ice blue Jinxue was exquisite. He looked at the world with cold eyes from the top of the pyramid, and he was the only one who promised her all the tenderness. .

How can there be such a stupid guy in the world who provokes peach blossoms all over the world and is still emotionally slow! ! ! ——Inheritance jade slips in hand, full-attribute spiritual root awakening, counterattack to fight monsters and scum scum, god beasts as an alliance of blood and blood, leading the tide of ten thousand beasts, the turmoil of the mainland overnight, the birth of the devil, the ancient memory of being imprisoned, one The conspiracy really began to be confusing…