I can be immune to all online games

I can be immune to all online games
Other names: 网游之我能免疫一切
Author: Please call me Hanbagui
Genre: Novel, game
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The online game “Battle for Hegemony” has been launched. Mingyu originally wanted to enter the game to earn some pocket money, but he never wanted to awaken the abnormal talent. Not only is the elemental resistance full, but even physical attacks can avoid injury? Since then, there has been a super knight who can’t be touched by anyone.

Player: “Big brother, please take me to a copy!” Enemy: “After beating him for a year, why is he still alive!” BOSS: “That guy is here again, everyone, run away!” Mingyu: ” As long as I can drop 1 drop of blood, even if I lose…”