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A Love For Dilemma – 小舍得

A Love For Dilemma – 小舍得
Other name: Xiao She De, A Little Dilemma
Genre(s): Life, School, Drama, Family
Release: April 11, 2021
Episode(s): 40
Country: China
Broadcast: Dragon TV
Director(s): Zhang Xiao Bo
Cast: Candy Song, Tong Da Wei, Rulu Jiang, Jean Li, Zhang Guo Li


The third installment of the “Little” franchise continues to delve into the issues of education and parent-child relationships through the lenses of ordinary Chinese families. As the kids move up from elementary school to junior high, the family unit evolves in the journey. Nan Li is anxious about her daughter Huanhuan’s poor performance at school. Having realized the importance of tutoring, Nan Li gets the entire family on board to focus on Huan Huan’s education yet in the face of many problems, they begin to understand the importance of providing a happy childhood for their daughter.

Nan Li’s classmate and colleague Tian Yu Lan is pregnant with her second child. However, Tian Yu Lan and her husband Yan Peng’s relationship has soured due to Yu Lan’s distrust. Tian Yu Lan is fully devoted to her son, Yan Zi You. Yan Zi You is an exemplary student in the eyes of many parents, but the pressures from his own mother tend to affect his competitions.

Zhang Xue Er is Huan Huan and Yan Zi You’s headteacher. After seeing the diligence of Mi Tao, a young kid from a farming village, Zhang Xue Er voluntarily provided Mi Tao with additional tutoring. Alas, she gets reported to the school authorities and leaves the school feeling discouraged.

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