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Love Like White Jade – 白玉思无瑕

Love Like White Jade – 白玉思无瑕
Other name: Flawless White Jade, Bai Yu Si Wu Xia
Genre(s): Action, Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Release: April 11, 2021 – May 11, 2021
Episode(s): 32
Country: China
Broadcast: Mango TV
Director(s): Peng Yu
Cast: Wan Peng, Gala Zhang, Liu Yu Han, Fortuna Yu


Shui Wu Xia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, is hired by Jiang Manor to assist Master Jiang Bai Yu with his studies and martial arts training. The proud, valiant Wu Xia clashes with the arrogant, playful Jiang Bai Yu. Both have a secret – Wu Xia is looking for her long- lost twin brother, while Bai Yu is investigating his father’s mysterious death. Fate brings them together often enough for Bai Yu to reform his wanton habits, allowing Wu Xia to witness his sincere, determined heart. Eventually, they will uncover that Wu Xia’s brother’s disappearance and Bai Yu’s father’s murder are indeed linked. Together they unveil their common enemy’s schemes, avoiding total chaos, and in the process, returning peace to the Jiang Continent’s citizenry.

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