Shadow of Justice – 伙記辦大事

Shadow of Justice – 伙記辦大事
Genre(s): Drama
Release: April 12, 2021 – May 23, 2021
Episode(s): 32
Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB
Cast: Weilie, Zhang Guoqiang, He Qinan


The drama will be revolving around definition of justice. The traffic police never miss out a tiny bit of evident left at the accident. Finding concrete evident to throw the criminal behind the bar while a lawyer is trying to find loopholes to defend their client.

A transfer arrangement and several twists and turns have prompted Ouyang Cong ( Ouyang Zhenhua ), Chief Inspector of the Accident Investigation Team of the Ministry of Transportation, to work closely with Superintendent Xu Xiyi ( Wan Qiwen ) of the Crime Squad . The grandson of the logistics company Chang Xiao ( played by Chen Ying ) believes that Ouyang Cong has broken up his family and has a grudge against him. Ouyang Cong once promised to his deceased mother Kong Huixin ( Yang Zhuona ) that he would endure Chang Xiao, but found that Chang Xiao was getting closer to the lawyer Dai Zhengjun ( Ma Dezhong ) and the club boss Dai Zhengren ( Ao Jianian ) and learned about his colleagues. And friend Qin Yongxi (played by Yang Ming ) is always laughing at her old love, and the two stare at the Dai brothers to lead her back to the right path. Ouyang Cong and Zhengjun have different values, and they have their own interpretations of the term fairness. When the two heroes meet, a high-intellectual battle has quietly triggered…