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Marry for marriage

Marry for marriage
Other names: 替嫁成婚
Author: Bo Bo Bo
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She had to marry into a wealthy palace instead of her sister. He, the true heir, the brilliant business emperor, the ruthless workplace tyrant, and the man who all women dream of marrying. She cured him of the hidden illness, and seeing things happen, the marriage contract has been terminated, and when the abuser avenged him, he was taken away from him and his money was lost. She looked at the one who came to the door, and accepted her fate: “Okay, I will raise it.”   

He hid his billions of assets, with a serious look: “Grandpa leaves the inheritance, and we can take it when we remarry.”

“Okay, remarry.”

“Grandpa said that there are also rewards for the second child.”

“No, you can use your child as a commodity.” A certain treasure got out with a piggy bank and spent money: “Mom, give me one, oh no, sisters.”


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