Doctor and Blue Poison

Early in the morning, I woke up from bed, stretched, and after a simple wash, I started to prepare breakfast.

After a simple breakfast, I ran to the office and sat down, thinking who would it be today? At first glance, it was Blue Poison, and I was a little scared, because Kelsey once told me to keep me away from Blue Poison.

Soon Blue Poison came in, and I looked at Blue Poison and said, “Blue Poison, you are here, it just so happens that my work is almost done. You can wait on the sofa next to it.” Blue Poison sat on the sofa and said at this time. : “Doctor, it’s a little bit hot.” After that, she took off her blue sweater.

At this moment, I was attracted by the blue skin on her neck and asked her, “Is the blue skin on the back of your neck poisonous?” Blue poison said, “Of course, doctor, what do you want to do?” I said that I just wanted to. Feel your blue skin.

Blue Poison said in a panic: “Doctor is poisonous, you can’t touch it.” I ignored her and pushed her down on the sofa, and started to touch the skin on the back of her neck. To be honest, it was a bit cold. It’s cold, Blue Poison asked me at this time: “Doctor, are you okay?” I sat in my chair and said, “It’s okay, because the poison is useless to me. I didn’t hurt you just now, did I?” Blue Poison said at this time: “No, Doctor.”

In the afternoon, I saw Blue Poison staring at the cake in a daze in the cafeteria, so I went up and asked why. After hearing the reasons, I cut a piece of cake and started eating.

At this time, I said to Blue Poison: “Your cake, can you share it with me in the future?” Blue Poison nodded and said, “Of course Doctor.” I smiled and said, “Although I am not very good. I love sweet ones, but as long as you make cakes, I will eat them.”

After a while, I went to Kelsey first. Kelsey said to me at this time: “Doctor, although I know you want to take care of the staff’s mood, you still have to pay attention next time.” I said at this time: “I don’t really care, but Blue Poison really doesn’t matter. What you said is so dangerous.”

Kelsey pulled my left arm over and said, “Doctor, I really don’t understand why you lied to Blue Poison? Look at your own arm.” I looked up and saw that it was already purple.

I said at this time: “I’m just a little worried about blue poison, I want her to feel at ease.” Kelsey looked at me and said, “Doctor, whatever you do, remember to pay attention next time anyway.” After that, she took out the antidote and injected it. Into my arm.

At this time, the blue poison outside the door had heard everything. When I returned to the canteen, I found that the blue poison was gone, so I started desperately looking for it. Fortunately, the flour on her feet told me where she was.

When I saw Blue Poison and said, “Blue Poison, you should have heard it all. You are thinking about why I lied to you. This is all for a reason. I want to take this opportunity to make other operators feel that you are not that way. Danger. So do you understand?”

Blue poison seemed to understand my intentions and hugged me. I stroked her head and said, “Lan Du, please accompany me for a while tonight.” Lan Du nodded.

That night I held Blue Poison in my arms and said, “Even if you are a poison, there is such a different kind of beauty.” After that, I went to sleep.