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Ni Chang – 小女霓裳

Ni Chang – 小女霓裳
Other name: Xiao Nu Ni Chang, Nichang, Little Girl
Genre(s): Historical, Business, Romance
Release: April 20, 2021 – May 13, 2021
Episode(s): 40
Country: China
Broadcast: Youku
Director(s): Cha Chuen Yee, Ding Ying Zhou
Cast: Nicky Li, Bi Wen Jun


A story that follows Xie Xiaoni, the daughter of a silk merchant who loses her family due to a conspiracy. Determined to stand on her own, she works on improving her skills to make a name for herself. Along the way, she finds love in Ouyang Ziyu. As the daughter of the Xie clan, Xie Xiaoni spend her life preparing to succeed the family business to become a female merchant. However, the Xie clan falls to ruin after being framed by their rival, the Su clan. Xie Xiaoni survives and vows to clear their name and revive the Xie clan.

She enters the Jiangnan Yunjin manor under the pseudonym Nichang to learn embroidery skills. Years of training allows her to gain a foothold in the industry. However, the Su clan becomes aware of her intentions and attempts to silence her for good. Ouyang Ziyu who has been in love with Nichang steps up to help her.

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