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In the name of marriage, Mr. Qin’s routine is deep

In the name of marriage, Mr. Qin’s routine is deep
Other names: 以婚之名,秦先生的套路深
Author: ninety-nine
Genre: Urban, romance
Release: Updating
Status: 1,348


In the Chinese city, everyone said that Yu Guiwan was the most cruel woman. After her brother died and her father was in prison, she was still in the mood to climb into the bed of Qin Zeshen, the most powerful man in the Chinese city. She was the aloof and richest daughter, but suddenly went bankrupt, and she was robbed of her fiance by the scum girl, driving her to a dead end. If there is no way to go, she has to go. If the road is gambling to death by the wall, then she will climb the wall. Only halfway through the wall, he was dragged down by his ex-boyfriend. “Woman, climb my bed, I can help you.” Yu Guiwan gritted his teeth, “Okay, just crawl.”


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