Add simple memory by “sleeping”

Today’s children How many hours each person sleeps? We have been hearing for a long time that People need to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Let’s ask if you sleep together or not ?? During the semester break, students may answer that until Some people are too (lol) but during the school term When I go back to school, will I sleep together or not?

Why do you have to sleep for 6-8 hours? Teenagers like us are still fit for 5-6 hours sleep should be enough ?? You might think this way, but actually, each hour of sleep The brain has a process known as memory storage. Long-term memories, which is very important for the first 2 hours of sleep Will be a deep sleep Or what psychiatrists call it Deep sleep During this time The brain releases chemicals to deliver information to the hippocampus brain. (Hippocampus), which is responsible for storing new memories. And sent to the outer brain To store long-term memories Like the transmission of computer data From memory to hard drive If this process is not available Will not be able to store long-term memories.

Over the next few hours, the outer brain continues to transmit the information it receives, especially by binding to neurons, creating permanent memories. The process right here is that protein is produced, which is very slow. If this process stops or stumbles before it is complete That memory will not be fully conveyed. Then will not remember Which this process It takes at least 4 hours, if less than that, it will not be complete. The last two hours Of continuous sleep Will enter a condition called dream sleep (REM -Rapid Eye Movement) when entering a dream The brain stops connecting with the hippocampus brain. And transmits the previously stored information This process is very important to learning. And it helps to strengthen and support connections between neurons. To create new memories.

Like children You have to do it repeatedly so that you can remember it, your brain has to learn. And practice as well

You see, 6-8 hours of sleep is very important for enhancing our memory. But the reality We continue to follow it difficult to see the homes of students report reading table and then just lay there crying, I would think yes. but I also wanted to make sure the children. I really see the importance of sleep, although now you will not feel anything, but it will not start to enter your body often At least Monday – Friday If you have to go to school and don’t get enough sleep, ask for Saturday and Sunday. It is time to charge the battery for some body, sleep for 6-8 hours, and some memory will work even more.