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How to deal with human pollution – Toxic People

Don’t Let Humans Pollution – Toxic People Takes You Into a Negative Emotion Because it will affect work, health and brain. Let’s cope wisely!

Usually Polluted humans have certain energy released all the time, causing them to interfere with chemicals in the brains of those around them, causing their mental health.

Toxic People was first limited to Dr. Travis Bradberry’s book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, an expert on emotional training for business leaders. (He graduated in organizational psychology) and calls these negative energy-rich humans Toxic People, or humans that are toxic to those around them.

Of course, they often don’t even know it. And there is no logic to stop negative energy humans from harming others. They are often satisfied when it comes to stress and turbulence. Unnecessary complexity Including conflicts And the worst is Will feel very good That presses others to sink

These people often experience happiness and satisfaction that comes from other people’s opinions. And that is more than those who are no longer the master of their own happiness.

Research has found that Stress can have a long-term effect on the brain. Very short exposure to stress can affect the performance of neurons in the hippocampal cerebral cortex, and with severe repeated damage, memory loss occurs. Because the hippocampus is the brain responsible for reasoning and memory. And when you can’t control stress Your performance will go down. Stress is a formidable threat to your success.

Pollution that is causing you stress is something you should manage.

The important thing to remember is You have more control over them than you think!

This is how successful people prevent bad behavior. Of others that affect their work and happiness Limit time and keep your distance.

These negative energy humans usually come with bad news and bad news. It often calls on people around you to listen to their complaint. Or trying to turn you into them They tend to focus on their problems and not focus on solving them. Calls to listen only to their problems These people only need compassionate people. So that they feel good about themselves It caused many times the people around him were plunged into negative emotions.

You can avoid this simply by trying to limit your time and adjust your distance when necessary, for example, to see them as if you were standing talking to someone who smokes. And those murmurs are toxic fumes. Will you endure sitting and smelling secondhand smoke?

The best way is when these people start telling bad stories. You ask back if So how do you solve the problem? Most of the time, when faced with this kind of questioning, they often get stopped, silent and change the topic of conversation.

Fight with them wisely

Successful people know how important it is to live to fight another day.

Especially when your enemies are polluted humans. These people can freak you out because of their illogical behavior.Yes, it’s the wrong behavior and the illogical reason. Completely contradicting reason and correctness. But believe it or not, you don’t have to be sucked into that feeling.

The more people who are irrational try to speak or demand the more. It’s like when you meet a sane person on the street and hail yourself as John F. Kennedy, you are never going to explain the truth for a reason to be understood by these kinds of people. You should do the same thing when encountering a sane person.

Sometimes you just smiled and nodded, then walked out. When we are ignorant and not obsessed with negative energy humans. We will find that they often have repetitive forms of expression. These things allow us to systematically cope when we face these people. And when should we avoid it, for example when working together as a project? We may avoid direct contact. By keeping a distance through the other person Or try using the same method as a psychiatrist is Can talk, but have no emotional ties to each other, such as responding naturally But don’t have to have too much emotion or insistence Try to find excuses about work to help.

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