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Looking forward to Storm Dance (William Chan’s and Gu Li Na Zha)

The new TV series “Storm Dance” starring William Chan and Gu Li Nazha, and the key project “Storm Dance” created by Ciwen Media started filming in May 2018. The play mainly tells the story of the male protagonist Li Junjie being employed by an information security company. In a series of tasks, he discovered that the company’s internal and foreign evil forces are inextricably linked.

In an in-depth investigation, He was framed and wanted, and revealed the shocking scene in the process of escaping. The characters in the play have close relationships and complex emotional cues, and the characters are set with Chinese characteristics, allowing the audience to get a different experience from watching the drama in the thrilling and suspenseful brain-burning plot. In fact, the drama “Dance of the Storm” has been completed as early as 2018, but for some reason it has not been broadcast until now. I hope this drama can be scheduled to be broadcast as soon as possible. Do you all look forward to this drama?

William Chan is not as tight or tight as many young idols. His kindness and sincerity have repeatedly broken the barrier of “bad Mandarin”. This aspect represents the quality of professional artists, and on the one hand, it also represents young idols. An upward look. If you look forward to the drama “Storm Dance” by the male god, let’s talk about it.

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